May 27, 2024

South Carolina recording artist, Envi Royal has been writing, recording and performing music for the past few years and has opened up for well-known artists along the way, but she did not decide to officially make her debut into the music industry until recently. Her wild-colorful style and signature green hair, is an absolutely perfect fit for a bold new artist. It’s a mission statement, a warning, and an invitation all at once. Signed to her very own label, Royal Mafia Music, Envi Royal has just dropped her first official single, entitled “I Don’t Like”.

Most, if not all of Envi Royal’s music, meets at the intersection of uncannily wide-eyed, and emphatically self-assured. She both floats and stings, often at the same time. Flaunting sharp diction, she knows how to smooth out a vowel, while she never hides an explicit word.

There is something playful and yet implacably wicked about her delivery. It is not quite like anything else. Ultimately, Envi Royal takes the track “I Don’t Like”, and turns it on it’s head.

Envi Royal’s debut singe is a catchy, sassy, and bold introduction into the rap scene. Her talent shows everyone that she is not just looking to be a one hit wonder who will fade into obscurity. She is here to stay, and will talk her shit as she does it.

Envi Royal spits over a smacking beat with twisting keys and heavy bass. Her braggadocios bars show how much confidence she has in herself, and the disdain she has for weaknesses she cannot stand to see in other people.

Envi Royal seems to have all the ingredients to be one of the next upcoming stars of rap. In classic rap fashion, she recognizes her antagonists, while shrugging them off, for being dishonest and cowardly.

The track’s straight up, hard-hitting beat and Envi Royal’s incandescent voice, together with confident delivery, are a perfect combination for discerning ears. The snappy beat leaves plenty of room to emphasize Envi Royal’s combative bars. It’s a formula that suits her.

Envi Royal makes the most of the production, showing off her technical skill by launching into a series of impressive flows. Envi Royal shows what she can do on the mic, never losing charisma or technical skill.

Her cadence is one of the central points of her skillset; the way she articulates every syllable with a voice that drips with cockiness and swagger is perfect. “I Don’t Like” proves her versatility, solidifies her talent as a songwriter, and adds layers to both her image and sonic palette.

Envi Royal separates herself from the crowded field of young women who are transforming the rap scene, through her appeal and a strong sense of self-empowered individuality. She never lets up; she spits every line with hunger and conviction.

Envi Royal’s debut single, “I Don’t Like”, does an excellent job in terms of showcasing her potential and crafting a recognizable brand and style. The song is a complete idea, not a half-baked or unfinished outline of a track. It’s a strong choice for her official entry into the market.


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