June 13, 2024

Consisting of members Recworm, L.O.R.D. , Dominic Bowen, Forces Unknown and DJ Limegreen – most of who have been rhyming since the 90’s – Smashpop Collective has performed in the USA and overseas. They have shared stages with the likes of Wu tang Clan, Immortal Technique, Dilated Peoples, Living Legends, RA the Rugged Man, Atmosphere, Sage Francis, The Shapeshifters, Gift of Gab, Freestyle Fellowship, Mr. Brady, Cypress Hill, Psycho Realm, Far East Movement, Typical Cats, The Visionaries , Masta Ace, Jeru da Damaja and more. Smashpop Collective now step up to the plate with their 21-track album, entitled “Smashpop Collective Volume 1”.

At a time when the world is entrapped in rife patterns of cultural, social and political disarray, questionable world leadership, and a web of untruths sold as facts on a global scale, there is plenty of room for necessary and compelling music. Now more than ever before, there is a need for music that is meticulously communicated through clear-cut narratives. Poetically honest, powerful and emotional. Smashpop Collective exhibit truthful musicianship that does that job just perfectly.

For hip-hop heads, “Smashpop Collective Volume 1” comes as an unexpected gift. For casual listeners, it is an insight into the creative explosion that entreats Smashpop Collective. We get to see the inner workings of a perfect classic-sounding record – a humble and artful exploration through sound, pulsing momentum and unprecedented lyrical skill in 2022. The record carries with it fresh and resolute sound designs, and unparalleled lyrical intensity that surpasses almost anything from the current day.

Invigorating rapping detail infiltrates the soul from the earliest moments in “Give It Up” ft. L.O.R.D., which comes just after the album’s opener “Haters Gonnna Hate Intro”. Forces Unknown and DJ Limegreen bless the mic with a retro styled mantra delivered on “Rapgame”, as a slow-burning rapping articulation soon ensues on “Cool Dreams of Paradise” ft. RECworm. The lyrical valor continues on the head-nodding groove of “Pack of Regrets ft. Dominic Bowen & DJ Limegreen.

Smashpop Collective insist on haunting the listener with piercing wordplay on “Concrete Canvas” ft. Dominic Bowen, L.O.R.D., RECworm & DJ Limegreen. “Got to Coordinate” ft. DJ Limegreen maneuvers in and out of skilled production energy filled with horns and clean guitars, before the massive wall of sound on “The Takeover” ft. DJ Limegreen, Sham & Noya comes thundering down on the listener. Wholly encapsulating the group’s potential footprint in hip-hop culture, “Higher Than Higher” ft. DJ Limegreen, Phil The Agony & Styliztic Jones weaves a proud tale of weed.

“Chicks (Radio Edit)” ft. RECworm, Exile & Alphabet 4 showcases a hearty guitar motif which adds a delicate stir to the beat, before thing switch up to the more abrasive, kickass “Keep Rocking – T – Nasty Remix Radio Edit” ft. L.O.R.D., Ammo1, Tamo, Gunnie Sanotchra, T- Nasty. The funk steps in on “Smashpop Union – Channel Remix” ft. L.O.R.D., Forces Unknown, RECworm, Dominic Bowen & DJ Limegreen, which leads to the booming brass swing of “Smashpop Anthem” ft. RECworm, Dominic Bowen, Forces Unknown, L.O.R.D. & DJ Limegreen.

Smashpop Collective succeed in exhibiting an unbridled enthusiasm for their chosen craft, which comes through the diversely stylized tracks, “Free” ft. Forces Unknown & RECworm, “Legendary Stylists – Channel Remix” ft. L.O.R.D., Mex, Xololanxinxo, Contakt & Channel, and the instrumental “March Con La Revolucion”. The scrupulous songwriting, and the effortless rapping style, continues on “Master of the Cypher” ft. L.O.R.D and “Rhyme Precision” ft. DJ Limegreen, Uforic & Azma, which forms a dazzling sonic textile.

“Smashpop Collective Volume 1” sequencing stimulates without requiring the listener to exert great effort to engage with it. The album elicits an alertness and awareness of itself, automatically. Moving forward, “Warning Shots Random Selections Mixtape” ft. L.O.R.D., DJ Limegreen & Contakt, “#WhoTheFuckIsThat” ft. DJ Limegreen & B.News and “Let Me Show Show” ft. DJ Limegreen, Planet Asia, Azma, Styliztic Jones, show love to contemporary production design whilst giving a serious nod to the historic boom-bap sound.

Smashpop Collective capture all the magic of hip-hop’s golden era on “Smashpop Collective Volume 1”, without ever sounding stale or derivative. The songs move groovily on momentum-pushing rhythms, while the flows and wordplay of each member shows that they have been students of the craft since day one. All of which makes this an impeccable and multifaceted recording for the lovers of the art.


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