May 18, 2024

Choked with high adrenaline rhythmic kickers as well as soothing R&B-styled worship ballads, the album “Possibilities” by Mark A. Smith, contains everything you love about the modern Praise & Worship genre.  Smith is a contemporary Gospel/Christian artist from McComb, MS. He has served a number of churches as minister of music, youth pastor, and senior pastor. “Possibilities” is Smith’s fourth album, and it features appearances by Trip-C, Da Block Bishop, Joshua Williams, Byron Garner, Jay White, and MAS II. There are also sermon extracts on the track “All Things Are Possible”, by Pastor Tim Sheets, Pastor Jason Anderson, and Pastor Gene James. The 14 tracks that take up the runtime of this album, is enough evidence to see that Smith’s music holds the ability to encourage those who lack faith, and strengthen those who have faith.  This project is brilliant and to be honest, it might just be his best work to date. To Mark A. Smith, Christianity is a lifestyle and not just a religion.

The beat-driven opening track, “All Things Are Possible”, further reinforces this as a powerful motivational piece. Its authenticity captures listeners attention within the first 30 seconds and it’s a great representation of the album overall.

The album continues with songs that highlight the benefits of freeing your mind and opening up to religious thinking where all things become possible. This is instantly confirmed by the funky, “God Can Do Anything”, which features some captivating harmonies.

You will immediately be drawn in by the sound and the crystalline vocals on the slower, “As Long As You’re Her With”.  Goosebumps will form on your arm as you listen to the smooth harmonies and empowering message.

Mark A. Smith keeps it slow and groovy on “Fear Not”. It is a reminder that throughout life’s ups and downs, it is going to be alright because God is taking the journey of life with His people. “Hold On” ft. Joshua Williams switches up the intensity with a finger-snapping beat, and a recipe for overcoming struggles.

“Go & Tell Them” ft. LaShonda Smith showcases a sweetly melodic, and shimmering duet about spreading the word of God’s love. This leads to the introspective mid-tempo ballad “Comfort Me” and the glorifying “No 1 Compares 2 U”.

These songs are focused on the redemptive and unifying power of God’s love on multiple levels. All of which brings us to the superbly rich and harmonic sound of “Treasure” ft. MAS II. The entire vocal and musical arrangement is reminiscent of the most nostalgic and captivating Earth, Wind & Fire sounds.

“You Are” is another great ballad and recaps how God’s grace and provision makes a way out for people all over the world. “Joyful Joyful” ft. Jay White & Byron Garner rides on a thumping beat and resonant bassline, garnished with sweeping strings and horns, along with the always striking vocals of Mark A. Smith and guests.

“I’m Not Ashamed” ft. Trip-C sticks to the same pulsating script, while giving us another rapping interlude, an art form that is sprinkled tastefully across the album to keep things edgy and urban.

“Heaven Is Not That Far Away” is another prime example of the sonic bliss that Mark A. Smith is able to weave with his mesmerizing voice and meticulous songwriting. It is a sobering, mature, and transparent piece of work. With Smith singing lead, you can easily hear the authenticity of his heart’s prayer.

The album closes with the piano-driven “For All You’ve Done”. The simplicity and heart behind Mark A. Smith’s vocals resonate significantly, bringing his distinct strengths to this song. This is his personal moment of gratitude for the grace of God.

Overall, the album “Possibilities” is proof that Mark A. Smiths voice and music has the ability to inspire and empower those who lack faith. It is every bit the spirited, charismatic and powerful album you would expect from a believer, in our troubled times.


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