May 26, 2024

Rahim Brazil is a multi-talented artist, entertainer and creative entrepreneur originally from Baltimore, MD. Currently residing in Atlanta, GA, Rahim has released multiple music projects. In 2016, he began working on various independent film projects in order to strengthen his acting abilities and develop his craft. During this process, he begin to create and develop a film and production company called Dream House Television, through which he created films, indie-series and other visual works that gained him recognition locally. During the 2020 Pandemic, Rahim purchased a new studio for creatives called Dreamland ATL Studios located in the south-metro part of Atlanta, where many creative acts hosted and attended various events. Through all the accolades, red carpets and the rise to CEO status, Rahim Brazil’s main passion remains music.

After a two-year hiatus from creating music, Rahim Brazil is finally ready to reinvent and reintroduce himself, highlighting the authentic side of who he is. That idea contributed to the birth of his third album “Time 2 Shine”, and the release of his single latest single, “Happy”. In the single, he opens up his heart for nearly four minutes. The rap performance that Rahim puts on is astute. You will love his fresh wordplay, his vibrant flow, and his uplifting lyrics.

What is just as surprising as Rahim Brazil’s on point rapping, is the singing performance in the song. I was very impressed with the intricate melody and smooth, funky touch showed on the hooks. More than anything, “Happy” is the kind of track that separates Rahim from others in his field. While his contemporaries are trapped in a whirlwind of sad, destructive and pessimistic aesthetics, Rahim presents the bright side of rap, like no-one else is doing right now.

Rahim Brazil really asserts himself in ““Happy”. In the song, he makes it a mission to remind folks that he is artistically empowered, personally and emotionally fulfilled, and at the top of his game. Moreover, with the track he is attempting to spread that infectious positivity across the entire globe. “Happy” bounces with colorful vibrancy on a resonating bassline and a finger-snapping beat. On top of the production, Rahim’s vocals are unstoppable, whether he is rapping on singing.

“Happy” is a riveting track, with an action-packed delivery from Rahim Brazil, as he hits us with feverish flows, and easy to digest lyrics. Along the way, his rock-star vibes are too compelling to ignore. Rahim does a phenomenal job of blessing us with a rapping style that is vigorously spirited, and a vibe that every single person can relate to instantly, especially in these troubled times. “Happy” features a style of music that will work in clubs, beaches, parties, arenas and radio shows.

The beat that powers “Happy” is vivaciously contagious, while Rahim Brazil’s delivery is engrossing enough to keep your attention at all times. He is firmly in his comfort zone here. The release of the single, and the upcoming album set for June, fits with Rahim’s overall strategic mindset, which suggests that his future will live up to the goals he has set for himself.


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