May 20, 2024

Family is not just any other word for the Chambliss family. Family is an emotion. It is a commitment. It invokes their most innate feelings of love and belonging. The Chambliss family built their ancestral legacy on the principles that family is the group of people who you know accepts you for you. A place where you feel comfortable, safe, special, where you matter, and where your voice matters. For them, family are the ones who stand by you through thick and thin. They are your entire support system. Moreover, they keep you going forward in life through both the good and bad times. Together, they became the ChamblissNation, when at a family and friends day church service, Willie C. Chambliss Sr. casually referred to his significantly large family, as the “Chambliss Nation”.

Lil Scrappy
Lil Scrappy

That unifying name stuck through both the joyful and sad moments the family had to endure moving forward. Each event only further strengthening their bond. Willie C. Chambliss Sr.’s son Boogee, a prominent video-maker, and an important contributor to the community, produced a video in support of his family, after his cousin Garry “Koolade” Chambliss, was mortally hit by a stray bullet. Boogee also created a logo and t-shirts emblazoned with #Chamblissnation, understanding the importance of that name.

A brand of urban-inspired apparel soon appeared, but it didn’t stop there. Boogee also got to work on a beat with Shaun Collins, to create the “ChamblissNation Anthem”, and asked his sister Shirlonda to write the lyrics and sing. While he engaged brother Jeremy, and his cousin Courtney, to rap the verses.

He also invited Lil Scrappy to share an inspiring shoutout to the Chandliss family in the song. On March 18, 2019, the track was successfully released. The next morning Boogee’s mother, Shirley died of breast cancer.

Yet further tragedy still lurked ahead for the ChamblissNation, when Willie C. Chambliss Jr., aka Boogee himself, succumbed to Covid-19 complications in September 2021. But the family originating from Gifford, Florida, only grew stronger as a unit.


They all came together once again to produce the “ChamblissNation Anthem Remix”, to include Boogee, and to show that being a part of a family is a beautiful phenomenon. It is measured in the amount of love and respect each holds for the other. In fact, the song defines the sense of loyalty, love and genuine care and concern for the others within the family.

Blending a mix of soulful melodic singing, cutting-edge raps, and gospel like harmonies, “ChamblissNation Anthem Remix” brings together sounds that transcend stylistic and generational music differences. In addition, this time around, Lil Scrappy lays down a full heartfelt verse.

The song soars and soothes, seeking to inspire and uplift. “We are family working together. We are loving one another. No matter what comes or goes, we’re ChamblissNation,” recites the opening lines, as the family unfold their uniting narrative. Why think you are alone when you can benefit from the support of your near and dear ones?

“In our ups and in our downs, there’s a bond that can’t be broken,” sings the ChamblissNation, as they teach us the power of walking together as a family. The single can be streamed on all digital platforms, while the video will be released in time for Memorial Day, on May 26th. Credits: Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Luis Marte Music at LMM Studios, Lakeland, Florida; Beat by Shaun Collins, Ammagod Music.


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