May 25, 2024

Every moment of the day, we have a choice in how we feel. We don’t get to choose what happens outside of us, but we do get to choose how we feel inside. Affirmations will help you remember that you have the power to control how you feel in each moment. Beyond anecdotal tales and speculation, there is actually research and science that supports the positive benefits of using affirmations, in health, wealth and even sexual prosperity. Affirmations are positive statements that help you overcome negative, limiting, and self-destructing thoughts. They can help changing and creating positive habits and codes of conduct.

There are many ways to use affirmations in your daily life: repeat them aloud, write them down, and meditate on them, but now an unusual artist like MCTHOUGHT brings them directly to your sound system with his album “Affirmations – In Love With My Body, Health and Wealth Affirmations”. This project will help you remember that you have the power to control how you feel in the events that make up your day. MCTHOUGHT has crafted a purposefully uplifting sound to match his messages.

The songs on this album oscillate inwards and outwards accordingly. MCTHOUGHT, for myriad reasons, is unlike other artists, not least in that the life in his music is the life outside his music; the one we all live in different situations, and on different levels, but with the same criteria and core principles. MCTHOUGHT shows his entire true affirming self through his music. This is a tremendous part of what makes “Affirmations – In Love With My Body, Health and Wealth Affirmations” so fascinating, as we pick up on the knowledge he is spreading.

Each of these tracks has a self-explanatory title, but more importantly, though, is the outlook of MCTHOUGHT who has been there, who recognizes the value in these affirmations, who manages to see life for its positives and negatives, and who simply allows the former to outweigh the latter. It’s a radical change from the norm, and a new approach to hip-hop, and modern music in general, being entirely bereft of the usual self-destructive negativity.

There’s little doubting MCTHOUGHT’s skill on the mic and his deft touch as a storyteller, with words worth listening to and taking to heart and mind. The rapper leans his sound on the classic old school aesthetics, which means plenty of warm, organic sounding instrumentation, groovy rhythms, soulful hooks, and sharply focused lyricism. If it’s true that a successful rapper is one who has something meaningful to say, penning words that will resonate with a broad audience, then MCTHOUGHT has achieved just that with this album.

Multiple listening is essential for this project. Knowing your way around “Affirmations – In Love With My Body, Health and Wealth Affirmations” is vital, as it allows you to appreciate its many qualities step by step. One day you may want to pay particular attention to the lyrics, then to the beats, then to a particular song, then to its overall atmosphere. MCTHOUGHT and his production crew have done a splendid job at furbishing this album with great care for detail, equipping it full-scale, both lyrically and musically.

It’s ultimately the wealth of positive knowledge and the musical maturity with which MCTHOUGHT set to work that makes this recording such a rewarding listen. The themes he has elaborated on and brought to vivid life can be noted in the song title list below.

“I Love Thy Body Love Thy Self Hip Hop Health Affirmations Law of Attraction RAP”

“Wealth Affirmation Money and Sex Law of Attraction RAP”

“Affirmation Picture Visualize Hip Hop Sex on the Beach Law of Attraction RAP”

“Law of Attraction Positive Aspect Song I Like This Thought”

“Be the Master of Your Mind Wealth Hip Law of Attraction RAP”

“Think and Grow Rich Hip Hop Law of Attraction RAP Success”

“Thoughtforms Law of Attraction RAP.”

As important as it may be for any rapper to prove himself technically, lyrically and musically, only the total package will make an artist a role model. That is what MCTHOUGHT has achieved with “Affirmations – In Love With My Body, Health and Wealth Affirmations”.


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