May 30, 2024

Joe Solid is a 25-year-old rapper out of Memphis Tennessee. Like the best of his consolidated peers, Joe can incorporate sing-song melodies into a freewheeling hard-hitting flow that captivates and stuns listeners with bursts of quotable sharpness. The rapper’s aesthetic is both elegant and vibrant, with sinewy wordplay that borrows from traditional stylings, but morphs itself into the future. He thinks two steps ahead of his contemporaries, and the type of game he brings to the table, is a kind that a rare few are able to master. A second-generation rapper (his father was also a rapper, who worked with the group A-Dam-Shame out of Atlanta), Joe Solid’s rap tendencies, make for speaker-stomping anthems that immediately make an impression. In fact, he has already got the attention of Zaytoven.

Due to music being easily made and readily shared, there are hundreds of high quality artists that constantly fly under the radar. With his recently released mixtape “Trap King”, Joe Solid manages to find a balance between catchy and conceptual.

Records like this speaker-shattering 5-track project can thrive on quality alone. This one is sure to soar, because Joe Solid’s innate energy and technical skill jumps off the record, enchanting ears and snapping necks.

The opening track “No Feelings” is wrapped up in a mesmerizing melodic delivery. This jam finds Joe Solid flexing his versatile vocal chops over a banging beat, turning out an easygoing and impossibly catchy single to ponder on throughout.

This is followed by “Hollywood”, produced by JB Sauced Up. Joe Solid’s lyrical delivery here, feels so pure you want to bottle it for safekeeping. The rapper flows his ass off, weaving in and out of impressive pockets with the intention grabbing your attention. Which is exactly what he does.

“Maserati” produced by Yai Beats, is built on a throbbing beat, a resonant piano and skittering hi-hats.  Joe Solid takes all of the tools he has amassed in the past couple of years to create an impressive piece of work. This track is littered with high-quality elements that showcase the best aspects of his artistry.

This leads to “Trap King”, produced by Hozay Beats, where Joe Solid is able to rap over a dynamic and beautiful beat with a hypnotic tone that makes it impossible to tear yourself away. Joe Solid took the full scope of the skillset at his disposal, including an otherworldly selection of beat makers, and used them to reach his own musical empowerment.

On “Big Homie”, Joe Solid teamed up with Grammy nominated producer Tony Fadd, and you’ll hear the multi-faceted rapper flexing his artistry and pushing himself to create an inspiring song that will resonate beyond bars and connect with listeners on a greater scale. By the time the beat fully kicks in, your body will be telling your mind how to react.

This project shows that Joe Solid currently holds the formula to continually be a force in rap and hip-hop for a very long time. Certain records are so good you wake up wanting to hear them. “Trap King” might quickly become one of them.

Joe Solid’s quick-witted, open book raps come hard and fast, and are backed by full quality jams that are well worth your ears’ time. Overall, Joe Solid and his crew of producers create a vivid work that will stick in the listener’s mind for a long time. Every one of the five tracks is killer.


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