July 21, 2024

The new gospel music sensation, Nattyva takes us to a journey of faith with this powerful and uplifting message in her hot new gospel single titled ‘Faith In You’. Accompanied by a soft hip-hop beat, Nattyva kept it fresh, interesting, making sure people of all ages and gender want to listen to more of what she has to say.

Anyone familiar with Nattyva’s music knows that most of her songs come with the power in her vocals. However, the first thing that caught my attention when I listened to her single ‘Faith In You’ was the controlled tones she starts with. Of course, it is not long before the typical fierceness in her voice comes with its power to evoke goosebumps. Her vocal tones become even more captivating when she switches to French.

The poignant depth of Nattyva’s narrative easily catches the listener’s attention, in a song that does more than simply titillate the emotions. It brings a strong message of God’s presence, along with the power and beauty of achieving things while sticking to the virtues of the scriptures.  ‘Faith In You’ may be a testimony of Nattyva’s belief and devotion, but it is a song that spurs the listener to throw off whatever restraint might be holding them back and bare their hearts to the Lord.

‘Faith In You’ is the song you want on your playlist when you’re feeling down. It is reminder that the nearness of God is something we may all need, especially as life can get overwhelming at times. Sure, this kind of music mostly appeals to people of faith, but even if you don’t consider church and faith your jam, the message this song relates can still uplift. Moreover, Nattyva also wrote the song, adding authenticity to the recording done at Goat Vision Studios in Ottawa with music producer Drayneh.

Overall, Nattyva’s gets the job done on ‘Faith In You’. That job, of course, is encouraging and uplifting people in this spiritually driven number. All boxes are checked – Awesome vocals, moving lyrics, and alluring, contemporary production. I invite you to join Nattyva on her journey, as she introduces the world to her spiritual inspirations.


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