June 24, 2024

Bexi Bape is an independent pop artist, songwriter, singer and rapper hailing from Orlando, Florida. Influenced by pop, R&B and rap music from the early 2000’s, she is making waves with her 5-track project “Tattoos & Trust Issues”. Bexi Bape is eclectic in a way that is easy to take for granted in the modern pop era. You have to alternate between singer and songwriter to describe her role on so many songs, and you can trace her sound back to multiple sonic hemispheres. She has both a lot of competing and compelling influences for one young performer to reconcile so naturally, yet comprehensively, in herself.

Listening to “Tattoos & Trust Issues”, it sounds as if Bexi Bape has arrived to deliver an infectious, well-rounded pop project that will appeal to numerous listeners. Bexi Bape’s personality shines through in her songwriting and her voice bubbles and croons at the highest level of cute catchiness across each track. Aside from being almost flawless, the EP shows off a thrilling succession of indelible and distinct performances from the artist.

Bexi Bape is accompanied by sleek, playful and modern production work on the opener, “Hey Daddy”.  This sophisticated, fresh backdrop plays to her strengths, where Bexi gives us a little bit of everything, and then adds in some risqué wordplay just to sauce things up. On top of it all, the songstress serves up radiant vocals that worm their way into your ear. This sets the tone for the rest of the EP.

“Know You Like That” rides in on shimmering keys, and a thumping beat. As usual, Bexi Bape enters, bringing ample firepower, and a healthy dose of self-confidence. Masterfully produced in an almost understated way, this is another polished joint.

Her self-assertiveness is further brought to fore on the narrative of “Can’t Play Me”. Here she channels her vibrant energy into the song which has a way of slowly seeping into your brain and putting itself on repeat as soon as it gets there.

Bexi Bape’s consistent refusal to play it safe makes this EP, consistently intriguing. She sounds horny, empowered, and occasionally deeply thoughtful on “Exceptional”. Bexi roams the spectrum of the pop song and kills it.

Cut with multiple waves of pure ear-catching hooks and sentimental lines that burst from the speakers, the song is extremely overt and honest, with the singer telling it like it is. If the topics remains steadfast throughout the EP, the music also ensures that the momentum is never lost.

The EP closer, “Snooze”, possesses both a gravity-defying airiness and an attractive magnetic pull. It’s an enchanting record, pulling flavors from a previous era, but the enchantment has been perfectly calculated to match the conditions of the current pop landscape. Bexi Bape leans into her classic pop vocals, adding her signature flair to verses and vocalizing throughout.

Throughout “Tattoos & Trust Issues”, Bexi Bape oozes personality and charisma. Not being confined by any label pressure, she expresses every facet of her imaginative integrity. This allows Bexi to lean into her quirks and strengths, building on top of the foundation she constructs in each subsequent song. She ultimately hones in on her skillset and unleashes its power across the entire recording.


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