April 23, 2024

Vibrant, clean, and groove-driven are just a few ways to sum up the eclectic electronic sound delivered by Tranzformer & Big O on their joint album release via Soulspazm Records, entitled “The Art of Duplexity”. This is the first time that San Diego, CA producer Tranzformer, joins forces with Orlando Turner, better known as Big O, an American hip hop record producer, recording and mixing engineer, as well as DJ, who resides in London, United Kingdom. The 12-track album delivers distinguishable synths that pop with a lively and warm aura, while it’s beats give listeners a fresh outlook on the chilled nature of intensely designed rhythms.

Big O

We’ve had plenty of time to listen and soak up all the burst of musical flavor this project boasts, and we can say without hesitation that being their debut appearance together, Tranzformer & Big O don’t squander the opportunity, impressing all across the recording.

This is a landmark body of work for the two producers. Not only is it a refreshing take on soulful electronica, it is bound for commercial success. This collection of music shows their growth and openness to experiment with new sounds, chilled synths and styles.

Big O opens the proceedings with “Dream Walkin’’’, using warm twinkling keys and fluttering tone before transitioning into its spellbinding synth melody and thumping beat. “Blast Off” sees Tranzformer enter the scene with a funky twisting synth motif over a slow haunting backdrop.

Big O comes back with a slapping rhythm and thick rolling basslines on “Bi-Coastin’”. The response from Tranzformer comes in the form of the melodious chill of “Robot Girl”.

Right from the beginning, Tranzformer & Big O devote themselves to dreaming up rhythms, melodies and textures that transcend all expectation. While that process depends on their sophistication and skill as producers, it’s also driven by the deep sense of passion and joy they purposely bring to their work – elements they transmit in every song on the album. It jumps out at you on the organ-driven “Cake Mode” by Big O, and is confirmed by Tranzformer on the mesmeric “Smoke Rosin”.


The soulful retro sweep of “Hi-Life” sees Tranzformer & Big O share the credits, while “Soul Bangin” by Tranzformer, maintains a similar vibe with chopped vocal samples creating the hypnotic looped melody.

At this point the album is in a full soulful mood, as Big O swings in with “Believe in L.O.V.E” which also uses vocal samples alongside the organ motifs for an almost organic sound experience. These tracks are packed with sweet, meticulous productions that flex every creative muscle of the project with wholesome energy.

This takes to the big cinematic sweep and hip-hop drums of “Day Dreaming” by Tranzformer, which in turn leads to the elegant shimmer of “Celestial Sphere” by Big O. Tranzformer aptly closes the album with echoing guitar sounds “Lost In The Crates”.

If Tranzformer & Big O wanted to make their mark and establish to the world their newfound collaboration, then they have done it with “The Art of Duplexity”. The album neatly sums up a large part of what these two producers are able to deliver. Ultimately, it’s almost impossible to come away from this album without thinking about taking a deeper look into the back catalogues of both Tranzformer & Big O.

OFFICIAL LINKS: Big O IG @the.real.bigo – Tranzformer IG @Tranzformer_aka_rugged_spitter – Spotify: https://spoti.fi/3OVgNSj

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