May 27, 2024

Born in Dearborn, Michigan, newcomer Collin made his solo recording debut earlier this year with the single “Please”, and has since dropped several singles in quick succession. You could make a series of comparisons to some of his best peers, but that wouldn’t do Collin any justice. You can tell he spends a lot of time experimenting and perfecting his craft while allowing himself to be inspired by old-school Hip-hop and R&B beats.

Sure, Collin can rap fast, but where he really shines is the way he manages to seamlessly change flows with meticulous word play. His songs feels fresh and unique, mostly due to his delivery, which is his greatest strength and features great moments of skill and, more importantly, a sense of authenticity.

His concise catalog is a must-listen to anyone who enjoys hip-hop and wants to keep up with new artists that are truly taking things to another level. Collin obviously still has plenty of room to grow, but he is already creating music worth listening to on many levels.

Overall, he forges displays of sheer skill that manage to fit a bunch of interesting stories and powerful statements coming from a fresh point of view that should be able to appeal to everyone.

Collin not only shines in his relentless self-empowering bars on the single “4Life”, but we are also given a superbly layered production that is rich and warm, with plenty of melodic and harmonic elements.

All of which makes the track a slice of pure ear candy. Even Collin’s delivery, which is urgent and intense, is never abrasive or overwhelming.  In a time when technical lyrical ability in rap has become secondary, Collin seems to diverge, while still holding onto the vibes of the modern game.

The feature that differentiates him from many of his contemporaries is that he exhibits a sense of care for what he says and how he delivers his words. “It’s not about the fame. I be staying in my lane. Rich, is in your mind, not the dollars, cars or the clothes. I know I was meant for this. Can’t nobody tell me shit. Why does everybody think they know me, when they don’t,” exclaims Collin in “4life”. Here he conveys all his self-confidence and ambition, closing with a bold statement: “Ima die a legend even if they try and hate me till the end of it.”

A few people, if any, believe in their dreams. If there’s any doubt about his desire to be the best, Collin wipes it away with that last statement. His ability to bring finesse to his wordplay, as well as his knack for animating his rhymes and flow with captivating nuances will bring him to the forefront of the game.

Collin can also bounce across cadences, melodies and tempos effortlessly. And if you’re looking for more proof of that in action, go check out his releases. At the end of the day, Collin has a ton of potential, of which “4Life” is only a tiny sample. He is bringing an interesting voice to the modern landscape, while his desire to perfect his craft affirms his credibility.


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