July 16, 2024

Gainesville Georgia-based father of 5, Yung Christ Kidd found his love for music at the age of twelve. A follower of Christ since 2014, he converted to gospel rap a year later. His growing catalog is a good exhortation to remind us to strive to be more like the Heavenly Father. It is flooded with well-written lyrics and Yung Christ Kidd’s versatile voice, which brings his songs into smooth, enjoyable listening experiences to put on when you need a reminded of what it is all about. He definitely shows a lot of talent, as he creates little masterpieces that infuse pop, hip-hop, and soul together, to tell his authentic stories.

Thirty five year old Yung Christ Kidd is working hard for his dreams, and standing tall in his faith, at the same time. He steps up to the plate with his latest single, “During This Lifetime”, which highlights the powerhouse he is today.

The record has a mainstream sound with a flow you can grasp. His devotion to faith and fellowship with Christ comes through loud and clear, even though he never lets his lyricism slide into melodramatic preaching clichés.

Never apologetic about his faith as a strong ambassador for positive, God-filled hip-hop, Yung Christ Kidd’s verses can be served to anyone, without reserve, just on the basis of how relatable they are. He has formulated an exciting bridge between worship music and the world of rap.

The message of the Gospel and the hard-hitting beats wired together with the artist’s excellent vocal delivery, both rapping and singing, to create something beautiful and impactful. On “During This Lifetime”, all of these aforementioned qualities are served in abundance. It is soulful, uplifting, and empowers the spirit regardless of your background.

Yung Christ Kidd comes in from the heart straight away at the top, as the music bed grows underneath him. “Why don’t you love me for me. If you cut me I’ll bleed. Its support that I need. I just gotta succeed,” sings Yung Christ Kidd, as he unravels the narrative.

A good hook really can set the tone for a song, so right out the gate here you’re pulled into the groove. Better still, Yung Christ Kidd raps with effortless precision once he hits the verses. Everything about it oozes quality.

He rips through his lines with natural ease, using his flow and clever specs of wordplay to complement the production wonderfully. Yung Christ Kidd is a concise, one-of-a-kind artist in today’s gospel rap ecology. His bars cut like razor blades and his flow is an unmovable force.

There is so much going on lyrically and musically in “During This Lifetime” but there’s space at the same time. Yung Christ Kidd’s creativity overflows constantly. To combine the worship and hip-hop genre feels natural, with his persona and heart wrapped around the art he provides fans consistently.

His lyrics and vocals are what I find so engaging, but the music is equally as entertaining. Yung Christ Kidd is the spiritual curator needed in a time where music must be representative of our struggles and search for a better, more wholesome existence.

OFFICIAL LINKS: www.3inkthebrand.com

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