May 29, 2024

MRtothemax is originally from Winter Park, Florida. He grew up in Nevada, but now resides in Tennessee. Making music for just on a year, the artist is ambitious but never pretentious. As an emcee, he does a great job with the tools at his disposal. His conversational flow often stands out, as exemplified on his latest single, “We Been Grindin”. Matching this infectious flow with calculated multisyllabic patterns and a charismatic confidence, he is able to showcase a strong presence behind the microphone, despite the fact that he never resorts to runaway rhyme schemes or flashy machine-gun type deliveries.

MRtothemax tends to stay in his lane, and stick to the strong points of his craft – which is clear concise diction, and compelling vivid storytelling. He is able to channel his talents with success because his subject matter is often focused and specific. MRtothemax never wastes time with idle chat or scattered, nonspecific bullsh*t. His rhymes always follow a storyline, message or vibe he is trying to communicate, even when they seem casual and cryptic.

I mean, would you be bold enough to start a song with the following lines: “We been grindin’ for so long, put your panties on. How long you want this song?” These are moments of lyrical transcendence, which are carefully considered. The rapper’s ability to construct them to inspire a sense of explicit spontaneity is one of his most powerful gifts.

Even though he is a newcomer, “We Been Grindin” shows enough lyrical maturity and artistic development to elevate MRtothemax’s position in the game, especially in relation to when he got started. Economical and patient with his flow, the song is given a chance to breathe and arrive at its full potential, without the need for sonic bombast or arena-ready hooks. MRtothemax simply unfolds his narrative with subtle nuances, which hold your attention.

In the current state of rap and Hip-hop, there are artists who focus on melody and vibes over lyrical substance. With MRtothemax, he’ll give you solid verses, a smooth and shimmering production, and won’t step out of his comfort zone unless he has to.

There’s plenty of reflections and wisdom from the rapper, on “We Been Grindin”, which feels even more significant because this is the kind of track that isn’t part of the current commercial conversation.

What sounds like a good-natured young man, rapping in a coherent conversational tone, presents a unique corner of the room for the genre. MRtothemax’s typically relaxing, non-threatening sound is infinitely intoxicating once you allow yourself to savor the ride.

“We Been Grindin” propels a sound designed to accompany beautiful visuals one creates in their own mind. The honesty throughout is startling, and it’s obvious that MRtothemax lives and breathes to create this kind of music.

MRtothemax is extremely adept at delivering cruise-controlled slow burn rhymes, which hit their mark. Moreover, his approach to tackling his subject matter is refreshingly subtle and the level of nuance in his lyrical approach make his messages much more poignant. It’s only a matter time, before he perfects and elevates his craft to the highest level.


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