July 19, 2024

Although eighteen-year-old creative BCrazy from Raleigh, NC has been making music for only short while his music seems to formally establish him as a name to watch. Rapping for just on 2 years, and seriously making music for about 3 months, his comfortability of rapidly rasping out hard bars, or slowing down to explore deep introspection, shows the true definition of exploring inside of his music. Moving from pure freestyling to fully formed artistic diligence, BCrazy strives to spread positivity through his music.

“I want people to realize that anyone can do this. When people realize that once they start working towards their endeavors without always taking consideration of others, they naturally unlock new levels that they never knew they could create,” says BCrazy. BCrazy voice, too, morphs and changes, sometimes over the course of a single song, or even a single bar. It’s a versatile, resonant voice, sometimes with a urgent, electrical edge, and sometimes deadpan smooth.

It’s can be noticed on tracks like “End of the Tunnel”, which runs on skittering percussion and a momentum pushing rhythm. Things get bluesy and swampy on “Been a Drill” and then flip to cinematic on “Feel Right (Rental)”. It’s this clear and extremely well-executed focus that BCrazy has, which makes “Unbroken Vision” so impressive, especially so early in his career. BCrazy has given his music a singular aesthetic that makes him unique and exciting. BCrazy is on radio rotation with the track ‘Drip From Mars’ ft. Rarri.

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/74YvG4yQk7mYk6sNB6v3jM?si=O_J-kwKrR_m1eb3_-N39nA
Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/us/artist/b-crazy/1418992063
Instagram: @bcrazy_1
Twitter: @bcrazy_1

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