July 18, 2024

Hollis Morrissette is a singer and songwriter, actor, published author, former Mr. United States pageant titleholder, and former model. Moreover, he is a talented independent music artist based in Los Angeles.  Hollis’ vocals morph from heavenly highs to resonant mid-register tones, as he upholds an elaborate sense of melody. In an age dominated by the droning monotones of many new wave artists, the fullness of Hollis Morrissette’s voice feels almost revolutionary. The magic of his music is that it makes any type of listeners feel like they’re emotionally involved in its narrative, while at the same time they are being infinitely impressed by his never-ending talent.

Hollis Morrissette has thrived quietly in the peripheries with his previous releases, gradually and subtly building his brand and increasing his streaming numbers. Now he takes another step forward with his latest single, “I Can’t Hate You”, taken from his upcoming EP project. To an objective ear, Hollis’ releases have an unerring consistency, and an unswerving sound that soothes and thrills.

Lyrically Hollis Morrissette revisits the tried and tested themes of love, loss, affliction, and forgiveness. However, he does so with such an authentic depth and passion, it lends an immediate freshness to his topics. On, “I Can Hate You”, the listener is quickly reminded that Hollis is a premier storyteller and an assured enabler of emotion. From start to finish, this track is damn near perfect, making it a rather rewarding and fulfilling listening experience.

Sonically, “I Can’t Hate You” delivers purring percussion, rumbling basslines, soothing electronics and stirring orchestral vibes. On top, Hollis Morrissette floats like a weightless cloud, his airy tones both ethereal and soulful. His pitch featuring enough new twists to maintain engagement throughout. Emotionally exposed, Hollis appears to be comfortable with bearing his soul.

“What was the point of us hanging around, getting together? Getting to know one another,” asks Hollis, before affirming: “You were so disrespectful. I didn’t know that was you. You tried to break me down, but it didn’t work.” Yet, despite it all, he goes on to conclude: “I can’t hate you.” Hollis Morrissette has a penchant for not losing the integrity in his music. That predilection clearly also applies to the way he conducts his life.

Hollis Morrissette creates an atmosphere of free-floating emotion on “I Can’t Hate You”. He phrases the words in a delicate stream of consciousness, as if there is no stopping the deluge of contrasting feelings from loving someone so hard and deep, and then be thoroughly disappointed and disillusioned, by disrespectful behavior. Filled with falsetto swoops, Hollis Morrissette’s voice is a marvel, but he delivers the song with so much feeling that it never comes across as being showy.

“I Can’t Hate You” is inward-looking music, meant to draw you into Hollis Morrissette’s world, which is exactly what it achieves in doing. The project defines Hollis as much more than a sultry voice, delivering a performance of intimacy between himself, his emotions, and the listeners surrounding them. “I Can’t Hate You” shows us how affecting that interchanging connection can be.



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