May 29, 2024

ROLLiE HRMNY is a 26-year-old R&N artist from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania (USA). He started as a producer making instrumentals and beats for fun when he was 16, then figured out he had a talent for singing and rapping shortly after. Influenced by artists such as Michael Jackson, Marvin Gaye, Billy Paul, Al Green, and more, the talented creative stretched his musical horizon to find his own personal sonic aesthetic.

A quick run through his catalog shows that the artist quickly proved his worth, and his growth has been fascinating. He intertwines different sounds and styles with ease, utilizing mostly mellow, warm and vibe-inducing elements in the process.

Not only does his single “Let You Down” live up to its warranted hype, but ROLLiE HRMNY surpasses expectations in creating his own rendition of the new wave R&B/Hip-hop sound, incorporating  psychedelic vocal effects and an infectious head-nodding beat. The singer invites listeners into his mesmerizing sonic world, integrating a myriad of relevant lyrics in an incredibly captivating melody.

“Let You Down” perfectly represents ROLLiE HRMNY’s uncanny ability to carefully curate every facet of his artistry. He gives equal attention to the aesthetic of his vocals as well as the production of the track.

The song feels like an emotional midsummer night’s dream from start to finish. The production on the track features a calming energy, specifically when it comes to its soothing guitar patterns, and tranquil bass-line, sitting close to the gently throbbing beat.

There are plenty of subtle moments where ROLLiE HRMNY masterfully extends his artistic arsenal outside of the box you may think he was in.  “Let You Down” plays toward the singer’s strengths, while staying neatly in tune with the overall theme of his catalog. Essentially, this is one of ROLLiE HRMNY’s best efforts to date. Here, the singer successfully integrates his innovative ideas into one clear and concise listening experience.

ROLLiE HRMNY gathers concepts from both the mainstream and the indie fringes, and develops them into something that demonstrates taste and curation. He knows what’s trending, and he swallows that into his sound. One of his greatest asset is his ear, which is able to find haunting melodies and atmospheric beats with effortless ease. Both of which are successfully employed on “Let You Down”.

ROLLiE HRMNY hones all of his artistic tricks into his new wave R&B sound. He delivers strong tonality, clever cadence, and a lyrical delivery with intent. His sound comes across as significantly mature and refined, making for an intensely satisfying listen, as well as a reminder of the beauty of the genre. His vocals are enamoring, making listeners crave more, while the music provides a superbly sublime backdrop to the proceedings.

ROLLiE HRMNY is an incredibly gifted writer and performer, whose relaxed yet heartfelt approach to his music allows him to endlessly maintain the listener’s attention. As he cruises into the next stage of career, he’s shifting gear into overdrive with “Let You Down”.

To get in touch with ROLLiE HRMNY for collaborations and/or Interviews:
Facebook: ROLLiE HRMNY
Instagram: ROLLiE__HRMNY

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