July 19, 2024

There’s just something so good about bigbarrell’s mid-pitched but direct vocal delivery. The way he enunciates his words, his eclectic and intricate wordplay, as well as the incredible production he raps over – all of this is present on his single “My Team”ft. John Cole, and it really is excellent because of it. Here, bigbarrell is rapping about affirmations and spitting explicit confrontational bars. The beat gives the rapper plenty of space to rhyme effortlessly, throughout the raw bass-booming instrumental enhanced with futuristic keys.

Born Darrell Hudson, bigbarrell grew up in South Pittsburg, Tennessee. This is where he launched Bigbarrell Records, to pursue his music independently. He is truly relentless in terms of his emceeing throughout his projects. His creativity and honesty makes him such a relatable emcee, as well as his hunger to constantly grow and evolve artistically, makes him someone to always look out for.

There is something so immediate and powerful about the way bigbarrell raps. It’s unfiltered and showcases his ability to create engaging stories that sound like they’re coming in freestyle from, straight from the dome. For this mastermind, it seems that it’s not unusual for projects to come together quickly, following a flash of inspiration. And that’s one of the biggest strengths of bigbarrell’s work.

It always feels like he does not waste any precious time in overthinking the processes that make up a song. It sounds like he instantly jumps on a beat and rides it until he finds the pockets he can comfortably sit in, and rhyme relentlessly. Another element of bigbarrell’s process is taking chances and going leftfield. He imbues his tracks with all kinds of sonic and vocal gestures, which set him apart from the pack.

On “My Team”, bigbarrell proves that his curation and creation skills are on point. The rapper’s natural artistic abilities is displayed in a tour de force on this track, as he perfectly meshes with the buzzing beat. bigbarrell’s every word lands with metric tons worth of force behind it, as he issues out warnings throughout “My Team”. The rapper proves himself to be adept at melding all the different edges of alternative rap and trap in perfect harmony.

Unwilling to pander to audiences, bigbarrell goes out of his way to actively dismiss any preconceptions about his artistic aspirations, as he brings a plethora of disparate sonics to the table, on each of his tracks. Something he also executes on “My Team”. Then, lurking just around the corner is the heart and soul that drives the song. bigbarrell sounds urgent and committed on the track, to boldly reveal the more aggressive elements of his psyche.

Not only captivating and heartfelt, the track “My Team”, acts as the perfect demonstration that to bigbarrell, rapping is no frivolous pastime or get-rich-quick scheme. For him, it seems to be a divine purpose, which he is pursuing to the fullest. It allows him to unpack his thoughts and feelings, issue warnings, and have a real blast unleashing his rhyming and rapping skills to the world.


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