July 12, 2024

Throughout her self-titled album, Nikea Marie blesses us with mid to up-tempo R&B bangers, hypnotizing slow jams, and songs that boast nostalgic vibes. On every single song, she displays a level of confidence that is impossible to ignore. She also relies on her emotions, creativity and her faith, to propel songs with a tangible authenticity. The 9 tracks on the album are full of beauty and true raw emotion, displaying great talent and even more potential for the continuously rising songstress. Singer-songwriter Nikea Marie hails from the DMV Area and blends classical pop flavors with R&B and inspirational Gospel themes, which form the cornerstone of her musical aesthetic.

Nikea Marie possesses a self-empowering feminine energy, which has pulled her through life’s challenges and drawbacks. Along the way, her faith in God has always provided her with that extra fuel to fire-up the strength needed to overcome any obstacles. While chasing her dreams and visions, Nikea never loses touch with her will, to positively influence, inspire and uplift people through her music. She does that mostly through songs that interpret her experiences, therefore ring loud and true to the listener.

Such is the case with the single “Breathe”, taken off the aforementioned self-titled album. It comes from another testing moment in Nikea Marie’s life, when she had just lost her mom, and her brother. She felt as if she was losing her mind, but a voice within her kept encouraging her to breathe, to persevere through it all, and that everything would be all right again. It’s the same message of hope and fortitude that Nikea is sending out to the world in these troubled times.

“Breathe” surmises Nikea Marie’s approach to both songwriting and vocal delivery perfectly, as well as her ability to present lucid and emotional lyrics with the utmost ease and clarity. That is something which can only be achieved when the messages come from real experiences and heartfelt honesty. The track’s emotional charge and pulsing energy fit the urgency with which Nikea desires to communicate her uplifting missive.

“Voices in my head telling me I’m better off dead. All of the lies the enemy tries. He won’t win. I’m sorry my friend this ain’t your end. Just count to 10 and breathe,” sings Nikea Marie, before turning her attention directly to you: “I won’t allow you to sit there and listen. Don’t even give those thoughts attention. If you really knew what God had for you. You wouldn’t even dare,” she exclaims. Her fearless voice sounds absolutely gorgeous, while the expansion of her core sound, results in a captivating musical endeavor.

Nikea Marie has always remained steadfast in her commitment to unpacking life’s kaleidoscopic complexities, and how to overcome them, through faith and self-empowerment.  She has crafted a track with “Breathe” that understands the meaning of resilience together with a deeper level of gratefulness, reverence, and triumphant bliss, in the face of adversity. “God gave me life. Who am I to take it. God gave me my mind. I know I can make it,” she states.

“Breathe” carries Nikea Marie’s effortless vocals well, allowing it to take center stage while being accompanied by crisp drums, rumbling bassline and escalating keys. When she hits the ultra-high notes in her vocal runs, the effect is spine tingling.  “Breathe” is a superbly written, performed, and produced song that should rightfully impact listeners, and the industry alike.

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