July 18, 2024

There comes a time in every music lover’s life when an artist comes along and changes what they believe encompasses excellence in music. It shows them the diverse musicianship and artistry that exists in the music world. Such an artist is Mz. Lady Michelle, and the project, is the album “Misfit”. Each song has a grand epic feel while keeping an overall contemporary gospel aesthetic with soul, blues, hip-hop and alternative flavors. The music is so ambitious that multiple listens are an absolute requirement, while the instrumentation and beats are beautifully orchestrated and produced.

It is important to understand Mz. Lady Michelle music to understand her knack for diversity. Of course, the unmistakable voice of her over the top is what makes it all truly her own – that is seeing few, if any, artists can replicate her. Then comes the songwriting, something not to be overlooked since Mz. Lady Michell e is also quite an efficient lyricist who paints pictures with words, all while provoking deep thoughts time after time, thanks to her clever and spiritual associations.

Mz. Lady Michelle does a sensational job of piecing together an album that is unique to anything anyone else is doing today – musically, vocally or production wise, and that is a breath of fresh air. Each song has its own spirit and shines in its own light, so it would be unfair to even  compare them against one another. “Misfit” is an album that should light up the industry thanks to its ingenuity and attention to detail. If its true that music with soul is what we need today, then Mz. Lady Michelle gifts it generously with this recording. Mz. Lady Michelle is on radio rotation with the track “Devil Outta You (Lazy Rida Beats Remix)”


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