July 19, 2024

With over 30 years of industry experience, Rapper, Producer, Actor and Entrepreneur “Flawless” from the group, “Flawless x Diamonique aka FXD” is working on his debut solo album, not yet titled, to be released in the first quarter of 2023. “Love Again” & “Blessings” are the first 2-singles released from his highly anticipated upcoming album.

Flawless takes listeners on a musical journey with a descriptive story telling style that has been finely crafted throughout his 30+ years of professional experience. Within the “Untitled Album”, Flawless mixes new sounds with an old school foundation. He’s highly creative and his unique delivery style is truly refreshing. Flawless mixes new sounds with an old school foundation. Within his music he touches base on a variety of topics and hits on emotional highs, lows, and everything in between to create a truly masterful body of work.

When asked about how he feels in regards to his upcoming album release Flawless said, “This album really was an emotional rollercoaster for me. It’s me raw. It’s me with my walls down. It’s me vulnerable. That’s scary to someone like me who tries to remain private. Anyway, I’m proud of what my team and I have created and I feel blessed to simply be doing what I Love.”

Flawless is on radio rotation with the track “Blessings” available at https://music.amazon.com/albums/B0BDCZCX3Q

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