May 26, 2024

Mtn.Says’ music commands attention on the very first listen. His voice is equal parts resonant, intoxicating and otherworldly, and his EDM flavored Hip-hop leaning soundscapes filled with video-game elements are just as captivating. The most impressive element of his latest track “Treasure!” ft. tenshi xo, is its dark, atmospheric production that slowly builds, drawing the listener in further and further as it goes along. It was also entirely self-produced—which bodes well for Mtn.Says’ future as an artist. Being able to produce his own music has led to him creating a sound that sits outside of the typical genre-boxing confines, as further evidenced on the rest of his catalog. Although all Mtn.Says’ influences can be clearly heard throughout, his tracks aren’t easy to categorize, as he switches styles often. Ultimately, it’s just great-sounding music with lots of intriguing production choices.

Rap music has dramatically changed since the genre was first created, and the tools to create professional sounding music have become accessible to more people than ever. Now in an oversaturated market, what sets artists like Colorado born and raised rapper and producer, Mtn.Says apart, is how distinctive they are from each other. It helps them rise above the noise. Mtn.Says backs up his production artistry with an absolutely congenial voice, and strong songwriting skills, while being inspired by video games like Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy to movies like Tron and Tenant.

Mtn.Says’ DIY, authentic aesthetic should appeal to hip hop fans and music creators alike, and his vocal versatility and quaint beats has the power to set him apart from his peers and contemporaries. This much is evident on “Treasure!” ft. tenshi xo. Sure, it’s trendy, and very much akin to the stuff capturing attention in rap’s new wave. But Mtn.Says inserts just enough subtle sonic flourishes into the song to give him a distinctive edge.

The rap game has been revamping its playing field during the last few years, and there is no shortage of new creatives ready to jump into the game, to even the score with major label artists. More indie artists are not only rapping, singing and producing, but they are also doing it extremely well. Artists like Mtn.Says often exceed expectations, proving all along that independent artists lack nothing, if not big budgets to put out quality music.

Mtn.Says is not bound to the restraints of labels, styles or sounds. Hence, musically and lyrically his creativity flows effortlessly throughout songs like “Treasure!” ft. tenshi xo. That said he keeps the track catchy and accessible with skittering hi-hats, percolating basslines and shimmering keys. Due to its high-quality music production, the song successfully grabs the attention of listeners.

On top of the beat, the vocals weave and twist their way between melody and rhyme, ultimately locking that attention permanently, for the duration of the song.  “Treasure!” ft. tenshi xo is bursting at the seams with both futuristic and ambient excellence, which is not to say that Mtn.Says approach to music is not without nuance, because it most definitely is. Manipulating audio and designing heartfelt narratives, Mtn.Says is exercising his creative muscle and pulling from his own unique palette of experiences. It’s a hard not to be intoxicated by the rising artist’s sensitive tones on this track.


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