July 13, 2024

From the Mid-West, the emcee James Eternal (Jay R Erve) and the DJ/Producer Dynamight The Producer (Robert L Howard III) met in Kalamazoo, Michigan to form the duo Eternal Might. Their latest release is the 12-track album “The Eternal Might Experience”. This is the type of recording that can’t go wrong. Not only does it work as a front-to-back listen, but you get really good raps over top-tier beats. That’s what’s expected, and that’s what’s given, but that’s not all. James Eternal and Dynamight The Producer don’t simply reflect off each other, but bring out the best in each other when they’re on a track. There is a sense of reciprocal respect that extends beyond chemistry.

Dynamight The Producer’s production has its own expansive character, and part of what renders “The Eternal Might Experience” so dynamic is the way in which James Eternal interacts with these flourishing soundscapes.

What makes a Dynamight The Producer production so extraordinary? His beats, uniformly awesome, walk the fine line between classic nostalgia and modern mashup. Soulful and groove-driven, his beats move with a distinct forward momentum.

Though sonically and conceptually entrenched in the here and now, for those who were lucky enough to spend their teens immersed in hip-hop’s golden age, “The Eternal Might Experience” is a generous slab of comfort food.

That’s because over and above the production, James Eternal’s rhythms, flows and cadences take into account all of hip-hop’s core essentials. Not least the wordplay and lyricism. All of which delivers adrenaline-pumping entertainment.

Right from the first full track, “Conniving”, which arrives after “The Eternal Might Experience Intro”, the beats and rhymes stick to your ribs. The producer paints a compelling backdrop for James Eternal to rap on, and the result is a crackling synergy, which carries through the slapping “Blessings”. Here Eternal Might are in their element, as the propelling percussion underscores the commanding vocal syncopation.

The fruits of this artistic union continue with the slippery beat of “You Better Tell Him”, and then the vibrantly smooth vocal flow of “Get A Way”. Listening to pretty much any track on “The Eternal Might Experience” makes it clear that James Eternal and Dynamight The Producer is a match made in hip-hop heaven.

When “Always In The Way” ft. Saan Solo sets in, the groove hits the roof, and no time is wasted, with the rappers showing up to spit some sharp rhymes. The hustle of rhyme science is further showcased in “Going To Have Fun (ft. Lamontt Reborn)”, which is adorned with a mellifluous hook.

“Stay Up” presents how adaptable James Eternal can be to an unconventional beat, before he breaks loose with a machine-gun delivery on “We Came”. “For The Record” shows off the stone-cold majesty of the production filled with harmony and melody on top of an uplifting shuffling beat. Things cinematic and soulful on “We Feel The Same Way” which rides on a kinetic beat and organic-sounding keys.

With every verse on “Pay Attention”, James Eternal rises to the challenge, staying on point and rhyming around everything the busy production throws at him. Eternal Might are total pros who knew exactly what they wanted out of out of this recorded, and went on to do it. Overall, “The Eternal Might Experience” is a worthy placeholder that allows Dynamight The Producer to exercise his masterful skills as a producer, and James Eternal his unstoppable lyrical and flowing abilities.


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