May 30, 2024

The world has been very unpredictable lately, but one thing that remains a constant is that underground rap and hip-hop keeps pumping out stars. And who’s up next? 43rfb. Everything about him, from the sound of his music to his incredible flows and resonant voice makes it impossible to ignore him. His catalog is full of banging, vibe-inducing songs that seem primed with all of the elements that make big hits.

43rfb is an independent recording artist from Stockton California. His music influences are his parents who are both singers. Born in the Philippines, 43rfb – where ‘rfb’ stands for ‘real Filipino boys’ made his debut in the music industry in 2019, and has dropped singles consistently since then.

43rfb’s latest single is entitled “Faded” (ft. Nick Saenz). The project highlights his nuanced, poetic style of rapping, as it mixes in soulfully sung hooks and bouncing basslines. At a time when the world is hurting from so many things, 43rfb makes music to put the groove back into our heels. The track will turn heads with 43rfb’s ability to make addictive songs that demand repeat listens. It’s nearly impossible to play “Faded” (ft. Nick Saenz) just once.

When you encounter a melody like the one laid down on “Faded” (ft. Nick Saenz) it will invariably end up bouncing around in your brain until you give in and play it again (and again). 43rfb has surrounded himself with a strong support system, setting himself up for an explosive project. By the time 43rfb jumps into the mix with his sticky rhymes, the audience is already entranced, allowing him to dominate and dictate the proceedings with his delivery.

Don’t be surprised when you see 43rfb all over your Spotify playlists with “Faded” (ft. Nick Saenz). The rapper has been continually on the rise with his nimble flows and gritty reflections, and is now cashing in his chips.

The bass-heavy, club-ready beat forms a formidable foundation for 43rfb’s taunting flow. The effect is akin to a spell, ushering into existence something inherently head-popping and transfixing. Short and sweet, “Faded” (ft. Nick Saenz) holds all the promise of an artist to watch.

43rfb proves himself a master at crafting a palpable atmosphere across “Faded” (ft. Nick Saenz). The track is rife with rhythmic groove and rapping electricity, all backed by 43rfb magnetic songwriting.

The artist is clearly riding high on his own wavelength, and it really feels we are only witnessing the prologue of what’s still to come from 43rfb. Much like his name is an anomaly, 43rfb wastes no time in setting himself apart from the pack musically, as he shows off the different sides of his continued growth.

The result is a song that not only sounds quite unlike anything else out there, but one whose own vibe seems to shift and evolve from one moment to the next. It is an electrifying track, which defines 43rfb’s developing artistry. It is easy to see how he is already in the process of creating a one-of-a-kind discography in his field. 43rfb’s energy, skill, and overall music aesthetic are sure to propel him to the next level.

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