May 27, 2024

New Jersey-based Hip-Hop, R&B artist ‘Mechie Deuce’ drops his latest single ‘Can U Listen’. Drawing influence from the likes of Yung Bleu, Michael Jackson and Lil Wayne, the US artist is back with his alluring new single. ‘Can U Listen’ features slick production techniques as it weaves elements of R&B and Hip-Hop together to create a track that’s impossible not to vibe to. The theme of the track centers around trying to make a relationship work but in order for it to work the two have to listen and understand each other, the track bares out the frustration this can sometimes bring when you’re not on the same page with someone. Having released music since 2019 Mechie Deuce has continued to grow his audience while refining his unique sound, his latest single ‘Can U Listen’ looks to continue this trend as he showcases his music to a growing global audience.

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