June 18, 2024

Lil Henny is a Chicago based artist but is well known in Florida due to his associations with Lil Pump and his now deceased cousin OhTrapStar, as well as Icy Narco. An amalgamation of a moody, passionate an emotional rap style, a unique deep vocal timbre, and sincere songwriting, Lil Henny puts forth his project “Half Evil”, which features his best known single “Celaya”. The songs here are a testimony to his consistency.


Whether it’s gritty, hard hitting lyricism or certified vibe-inducing anthems, Lil Henny always puts his best foot forward. Moreover, he has an instantly recognizable voice that listeners should be kicking themselves for being unaware of.

Molding himself into a burgeoning lyrical powerhouse. He’s been steadfast in developing his craft with the kind of consideration for bars and wordplay that the old guard swears is no longer present amongst new rappers. Lil Henny is able to fit all of elements into his modern, new wave rap stylings. In so doing he displays a level of distinctiveness that promises a long and healthy career.

Running through his tracks, its clear his sound exists in multiple lanes at once, and the next phase in his prospering ambition is right around the corner.  On “Celaya”, Lil Henny showcases a number of warm, diligent flows and beautifully throbbing production.

Lil Henny is a beacon of creativity, style, and authenticity. All of which transpires from “Celaya”, a heartfelt reflection on survival. Lil Henny’s music provides him with freedom to express thoughts, emotions, and, in part, openness.

Like many of his new wave contemporaries, Lil Henny has a fierce dedication to doing it yourself, making the music you want to make, and setting new trends while bucking old ones. His elite rhyme style is obviously influenced by all of the time he’s spent sharpening his pen.

Lil Henny

Contemporary rap is becoming less about gritty street bars and more and more about genuine, from-the-heart music. Something Lil Henny does effortlessly across “Half Evil”.

Another interesting track Lil Henny brings to the table is “Fusion”. The cut is loaded with soulful and mesmerizing melodic hooks, which play off beautifully against Lil Henny’s deeper tones. His perspective and songwriting style are entirely unique here.

If the current watered-down take on rhyming in the mainstream sickens you, Lil Henny is your man. Listen to the sulking emotional swagger on “Liberty”, or the ethereal twist to the eerie “Shady” ft. Ohtrapstar.

There’s also plenty of flavor in Lil Henny’s delivery and plenty of bounce, in the beat on “Venom”. With a musical style that caters to aficionados of all things trendy and fresh, Lil Henny proves with this project that he is following his creative flow wherever it takes him and his artistry will win out over everything else in the end. Moreover, Lil Henny is a joy to listen to, there are few rappers that sound as natural on the mic as he does.


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