May 28, 2024

New York artist Part-Two has dropped his 13-track album “No Losses” on the Rehabilitation Speaks record label. The rapper’s distinctive and powerful voice is a force to be reckoned with, effortlessly blending with the beats and instrumentals that make up the album’s soundscape. Part-Two’s nimble flow and dynamic cadences are on full display throughout the album, making each song feel like a unique and refreshing experience. The rapper’s technical prowess and raw songwriting shine through, as he masterfully navigates each beat with precision and skill. His voice effortlessly flows in and out of the pockets, creating a symphony of sound with each track.

The album’s beats serve as a canvas for Part-Two to showcase his talents, and he does so with aplomb. “No Losses” is a must-listen for fans of hip-hop and for anyone looking for a fresh and dynamic, yet classic sound. The album’s tracks are like snugly fitting jigsaw puzzle pieces that come together to form a cohesive and powerful body of work. They highlight the rapper’s undeniable talent and artistry.

A fair portion of Part-Two’s allure stems from his unflinching honesty, which he quickly unfolds on the opening track “Baby, what you going through”. He is instantly outspoken and emotional as he unloads his mindset. “Rehabilitation Speaks in the Building” continues his straight talking gambit with an incessant flow and an intense tone. “Ou” is smoother and soulful, as Part-Two slides into a passionate mood.

When Part-Two homes in on his own words, as he does on “One Day” his delivery is razor sharp against a richly mellifluous background. The beat explodes into an electro dancefloor banger on “Just Signed a Business Deal”, before morphing into the mid-tempo retro soul of “It’s Only up Now”. The album’s sound meanders through various influences, taking on the form of wherever Part-Two wants to go. “They Know We Winning” flips back into dancefloor mode with a racy EDM beat.

“Going Nutso” ft. Easy goes back to the classic sounds with a head-nodding beat and a vicious flow from Part-Two. “Single for the Weekend” ft. Easy ups the ante and the intensity, as Part-Two injects his vocal tones with adrenalin. The balance between technical agility and hard-nosed intensity ensures that the track makes an impression.

Part-Two’s consistency manifests in a cohesive project that often blends innovative production with in-your-face raps into an intoxicating combination. That happens in a big way on “Bottle Service” ft. Easy. It is a full-circle exhibition, that allows Part-Two to exhibit his skillset. “I Don’t Take Pics” ft. Easy & Michael Thompson, and “I Don’ Want To Shoot or Lose You” ft. Easy & HollyWood B, further expands Part-Two’s sound, as he moves in luscious sonic surroundings.

The title track, “No Losses” sees Part-Two break loose on an ever-changing, epic ten-minute template. Here he goes in endless stylistic directions, putting together a mashup that unpacks his storytelling skills within a cinematic-styled scenario. It’s a telling moment, one that shows off his penchant for densely written verses, his impressive rapping technique, and his astute ear for beats. Those abilities are all combined here, to form a strong addition to Part-Two’s already high-quality playlist.


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