July 16, 2024

ACE MEDE4 & ROOK NASS – ACE MEDA4 is an introspective rapper/songwriter. Embodying the origins of hip-hop, he is a lyricist exploring complex universal themes and life stories to with a mind-blowing delivery & the verses from the heart. With flows from the “golden age”, ACE MEDA4 raps comfortably on tracks that pull from a multitude of genres, produced over beats with a true representation of the streets. ROOK NASS is a father, rapper/songwriter and photographer. ROOK explores all of his life journeys in a story telling rap style reminiscent of the rap artists of the 90s, with a flow very much 2000s. A true representation of old school meets new school. ACE MEDE4 & ROOK NASS are on radio rotation with the track “Mic Check”.

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