July 19, 2024

Previously known as Christo, Saint Chri hails from the Bay Area and draws inspiration from the region’s rich culture and distinctive sound to create his own unique music as an independent artist. With his inventive style and innovative sound, Saint Chri has made a significant impact in the industry and is widely regarded as one of the next big artists from the Bay Area and Northern California.

Saint Chri’s love for hip-hop began at a young age, when he borrowed over 100 CDs from his best friend in the 5th grade. Driven by his passion for music, he started releasing music in high school at 17 and has been tirelessly working ever since. After his collaboration with Nef the Pharaoh on the West Coast revival track “We Ballin,” Saint Chri was featured in HotNewHipHop’s Heatseekers catalog, drawing attention to his talent.

Along with Nef the Pharaoh, Saint Chri has worked with various artists in the Bay Area and across the country, including Yelohill, Young Gully, Dave Steezy, ADE, Dax, Jag, and many more. Saint Chri is on radio rotation with the track “Birds” ft. Yelo Hill.


OFFICIAL LINKS: https://lnk.to/BirdsintheSky

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