May 24, 2024

After three decades of crafting music in the cozy confines of his own home, D.V.S. 750 is finally ready to unleash his unique talent upon the world. With some dubbing him a walking contradiction, the artist prefers to call it a delicate balancing act between the forces of light and darkness. Introducing the enigmatic and undeniably talented Divine Versatile Spirit. Rather than fixating on the concepts of good versus evil, D.V.S. 750 instead prefers to meditate on the lessons and blessings bestowed upon us all. As he puts it, “Once you learn the lesson, it becomes your blessing.” With that mantra firmly in place, the gifted musician invites us all to take a deep dive into his mesmerizing single, “Jesus The Christ (He Showed Me)”, confident that it just might change the way we view the world.

Indeed, for D.V.S. 750, life is nothing more than a series of choices. And he’s urging us all to choose wisely. With a fresh and visionary approach to his craft, there’s no telling just how much of an impact this gifted artist will have on the world. But one thing’s for sure, with Divine Versatile Spirit in our corner, the future is looking a whole lot brighter.

D.V.S. 750’s sonic aesthetics positions him as a profound and technically gifted sage. He appears fully formed in an artistic sense, framing conceptual songwriting with sapient verses and a charming vocal delivery. D.V.S. 750 comes across as highly charismatic, comfortable and engaging. His authoritative and articulate style means he naturally sounds at home on the beat. D.V.S. 750 is on radio rotation with the track, “I’m Cautious”.

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