May 29, 2024

Orlando Turner, the American hip-hop record producer, recording and mixing engineer, and DJ, known by his stage name, Big O, is a true artist with a musical mind that knows no bounds. From the tender age of 13, Big O began to craft beats, and since then, he has been producing soulful and experimental instrumentals that have captivated audiences worldwide. Born with a wanderlust spirit, Big O has been on the move since he was a young boy. He spent his early years moving back and forth between Atlanta, GA, and Birmingham, AL, before settling in Orlando, FL, to attend college at Full Sail University. Eventually, his love for live audio took him to Miami, FL, where he worked tirelessly to hone his skills before taking on new challenges in The Bay Area.

With his ambition and talent, Big O worked his way up the ranks to become a respected audio engineer and producer, which led him to the City of Angels. It was there that he worked on his first independent film, “Love, Art & Celibacy.” In 2013, Big O decided to take a leap of faith and moved to Osnabrueck, Germany, where he continued to produce music that would change the game. Fast forward to today, and Big O now resides in the vibrant city of London, UK, where he is making waves in the hip-hop music scene.

Big O’s production style is smooth, soulful, and forward thinking. His beats are crafted from various samples, original keys, and synths, which give his music a unique, dynamic and organic sound. He has collaborated with some of the more exiting names in the music industry, including L.O.U., P-Rawb, Skyzoo, Bizarre Ride, and Dankery Harv of Frank N Dank, to name a few. In 2017, he teamed up with Queens, NY rapper L.O.U. to release “The South Side of Things,” a masterpiece that showcases his incredible talent.

In the same year, Big O released his debut instrumental album, “Between Memories and Choices,” and an EP titled “The Light of Day.” He continued to push the boundaries with subsequent album releases, including “The South Side of Things” (Instrumentals), “Instability,” and “The Mind’s Mirror.” In 2020, Big O’s talent was recognized by Beat Tape Co-Op, who presented his first Foundation Producer Series 001, titled “Introducing: Big O.” He went on to complete a series of albums and EP’s.

Big O’s latest EP release, “Reflections of HE,” dropped on March 24, and it represents some of the many styles in his repertoire, ranging from Lofi to Boombap R&B, Chill, and Lofi House. The EP is another masterwork that highlights his musical versatility and abilities. All the tracks were Produced, Mixed, and Mastered by Big O himself. The recording kicks off with the throbbing and buoyant beat of “Shipping (Out)”. Bold, bright and bursting with distinctive production touches, the song makes smart use of all of its instruments, while creating subtle keyboard melody to guide the listener.

“With You” which features keys from Samuel Adeoti, has an even more explicit lead melody and an even bigger drum beat. It’s an intoxicating listen from start to finish, and the faint vocal flourishes Big O introduces along the way, have you hooked throughout this chill-ride. “Worthwhile Journey” is a smoother, silkier and immersive jam. Shimmering and flamboyant in its construction, this track is a synthesis of everything Big O does perfectly right in his work.

The EP closer, “Crazy Feeling'” features keys from Steven Keyz. Adopting a series of proactive beats that expertly intertwine with the keystrokes and vocal interludes, Big O creates a spirited tune for everyone to enjoy. Brisk and rhythmic this is a great example of how good a track can sound when you fuss over every facet of it. The bass lines are chunky and animated, alongside the super-clean kick-drum and the snare snaps. In short, this track sounds vibrantly lovely.

In conclusion, Big O is a true musical genius who continues to expand the boundaries of his instrumental hip-hop music. His talent and versatility know no limits, and his ability to create soulful and infectious beats that captivate audiences worldwide is a testament to his skill and passion for music. With each release, Big O continues to evolve and cement his place as one of the most exciting and innovative producers in the game today.


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