May 30, 2024

With his slippery smooth-like-butter vocal runs, nimble rhyme schemes, and emotive storytelling, Renel deserves to feel the love under his solo spotlight. His songwriting skills, vocal prowess, personable attitude and ever-growing catalog prove his undeniable staying power. Renel’s sticky sing-along and slick bravado on his latest single “Take Care” ft. Gice, etches him a lane as one of a growing bunch of promising underground voices in the modern music scene where hip-hop meets pop and electronic flavors. His innovative approach to music making and his unwavering commitment to his craft is sure to bring him even greater success in the future.

Renel’s passion for music has been a constant in his life, from his early days singing in the choir during middle school to showcasing his skills as a classical guitarist in his high school ensemble band. He even explored his vocal range as a member of a rock band. Although he pursued economics and political science at Brooklyn College, Renel’s love for music never waned.

After years of contributing to the non-profit and education sectors, Renel made a bold decision to follow his dreams and pursue music full-time. As a talented artist, he merges various melodic flows and melodies to weave captivating stories that push boundaries and defy genres. His ability to blend different styles and techniques has made him a valuable ghostwriter for up-and-coming artists, and his record label Skylord Records LLC continues to expand under his leadership.

As natural and laidback as “Take Care” ft. Gice sounds, there is something genuinely mesmerizing in the music, and in Renel’s vocal delivery. His rhymes are charged with a mischievous and deceiving energy. Still, beyond the spirited vibrancy, there is something subtler and more fascinating at play. Renel is making distinctive, captivating music, but he is using refined formulas to do so. It is the perfect balance for being heard without being too hard and too loud.

Renel embodies a casual grace and truth that is reflected in the music he makes, and can be heard in “Take Care” ft. Gice. Its infectious melody mixed with an undeniable vibe pours from each of the song’s bars. Moreover, the mix and production is impeccable, adding more gorgeousness to the listening experience. Renel is the product of a generation that has been given unlimited access to every genre of music. The result is captivating.

On “Take Care” ft. Gice, Renel rhymes with a conversational melodicism that draws the listener deep into his starkly honest narrative. He speaks directly from the soul, arriving at punchlines and choruses with a natural flow. The music and the tone of vocals suggest an air of nonchalance but the lyrics are forthright. They come through loud and clear, demanding to be heard and interacted with, making Take Care” ft. Gice both understated and addictive.

As someone who uses music as a form of communication, Renel is putting his best foot forward as an independent artist on the rise. He sounds determined to carve out his own success towards music notoriety. What Take Care” ft. Gice proves is that Renel has the ambition to take his music to higher plains.


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