May 28, 2024

Prepare to immerse yourself in the vibrant and intoxicating world of Jhay Klaus, the independent artist hailing from the sun-soaked paradise of Salinas, Puerto Rico. After years of absence from the music industry, Klaus has burst back onto the scene, joining forces with the illustrious record label, FinoKing Records. With two brand-new tracks, ‘De Norte a Sur’ and ‘Quisiera Ser El,’ Klaus has set the stage ablaze following his debut sensation, ‘Sigues En Mi Mente’ (Still on my mind). Brace yourself for an electrifying musical journey!

‘Sigues en mi Mente,’ oh, what a gem! This sizzling track ignited the flames of popularity, setting Facebook on fire for a few weeks. Produced by the mastermind music producer of FinoKing Records, the one and only Johnny King, Klaus’s debut single effortlessly claimed its throne among the trendsetters. But this is just the beginning of an extraordinary voyage!

Jhay Klaus’ music transcends boundaries, blending the pulsating rhythms of reggaeton with the captivating allure of Pop, birthing a sound that is both infectious and impossible to resist. ‘Sigues en mi Mente’ seduces the senses with its irresistible melody and unforgettable lyrics.

The chorus, with its hypnotic repetition, perfectly showcases Klaus’s velvety vocals, creating a mesmerizing and instantly recognizable hook that lingers in your mind, even in the quietest of moments. It’s as if the song has woven itself into the very fabric of your soul.

The instrumental arrangement, flawlessly intertwined with Jhay Klaus’ captivating performance, conjures an atmosphere of nostalgia and summer bliss. It beckons you to unwind, surrender to the groove, and let the music take control. As the rhythm envelopes you, you can’t help but sway your hips and surrender to the irresistible urge to dance. Klaus has masterfully crafted an experience that transcends genres and language barriers, delivering a timeless rhythm that rivals the biggest stars of the global music scene.

For those who have yet to acquaint themselves with the brilliance of Jhay Klaus, ‘Sigues en mi Mente’ stands as the perfect introduction. This magnetic debut single serves as a tantalizing glimpse into Klaus’s musical prowess, leaving no doubt that he is destined for great things.

Prepare yourself for the forthcoming album, a labor of love in the making, as Klaus and the visionary team at FinoKing Records continue their creative odyssey, shaping an opus that will leave an indelible mark on the world.

So, dear music enthusiasts, immerse yourselves in the world of Jhay Klaus. Let his rhythms infiltrate your soul, and allow his melodies to guide you on a journey of self-discovery and unadulterated joy.  With his magnetic charm, infectious melodies, and poetic lyrics, this Urbano Latino sensation is set to conquer hearts and dominate the airwaves.

Get ready to be swept away on a euphoric journey through the vibrant soundscape of Jhay Klaus, where every beat pulses with a rhythmic vitality that is simply irresistible. He is a voice on the rise of, one destined to shine brightly in the constellation of Latino music.


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