May 25, 2024

David “RoseQ” Quelhas, the multifaceted musical virtuoso hailing from Portugal, and simply known as RoseQ,  has once again asserted his prominence in the independent music industry with his latest offering, the 5-track EP titled “F&F.” A marvel in the realms of singing, rapping, producing, composing, and songwriting, RoseQ collaborates with a roster of acclaimed producers, resulting in a mesmerizing musical journey that encapsulates his diverse talents.

The EP kicks off with the assertive and bass-infused “No Besos,” that sees RoseQ unleashing his rock-hard rap flow over a compelling beat crafted by the skilled John Diamond. The lyrical narrative intricately weaves themes of materialism, self-confidence, and a nonchalant approach to emotions, illustrated through a chorus that ardently expresses a preference for wealth over romantic affections. The strategic incorporation of various currencies, including pounds, dollars, and euros, reinforces the overarching theme of chasing financial success. The juxtaposition of materialism and personal struggles creates a dynamic listening experience, inviting both introspection and a carefree vibe.

Segueing into “Give You Up,” RoseQ masterfully shifts gears, delivering a soulful ballad produced by Slow Caires. The song is a nuanced exploration of attachment, introspection, and the complexities of modern relationships. The repetition of the lines “I don’t want to give you up / Unless I’m stuck on you” creates a central theme of attachment and the hesitancy to let go. This sets the tone for a contemplative exploration of the dynamics of a romantic connection. The fusion of a mellow musical backdrop with poignant lyrics invites listeners to reflect on the subtleties of love and connection, rendering the track both relatable and thought-provoking.

The dynamic and throbbing beat of “Dance Dance,” a self-produced gem, takes center stage in the EP’s midway point. RoseQ effortlessly maneuvers between rap verses and melodic hooks, creating an engaging anthem that encapsulates celebration, romance, and self-assurance. The lyrics convey a positive and carefree attitude, making it a magnetic invitation to let loose and revel in the magic of the moment on the dance floor. The reference to “Romeo and Juliet” adds a touch of literary and historical allusion, juxtaposing the romantic theme with a recognition of past stories and histories. The playful twist with “Already had that history / Or a piece of herstory” adds a modern and inclusive perspective on love and relationships.

Slowing the tempo, “Can’t Feel My Face,” produced by FatherOnDaTrack, is a poignant exploration of the internal conflicts faced by RoseQ as he pursues his goals. The theme of emotional detachment and the potential strain on personal relationships adds depth to the narrative, prompting listeners to ponder the cost of success and the sacrifices involved. The lyrics, complemented by an emotive musical arrangement, coalesce to create a compelling and thought-provoking piece that invites contemplation on the intersection of personal and professional aspirations.

The EP concludes with the emotionally charged “Call You,” another collaboration with producer John Diamond. Here, RoseQ delves into the complexities of love, heartbreak, and the use of substances as a coping mechanism. Skillfully capturing the internal conflict between the desire to move on and the persistent resurgence of feelings, especially in an altered state, the song’s repetitive chorus reinforces the emotional loop that the artist finds himself in, underscoring the lasting impact of past relationships on his present state of mind.

Throughout “F&F,” RoseQ showcases not only his keen ear for melody, mood, and rhythm, but also his ability to seamlessly weave together different elements, creating a sound that is both captivating and unique. Freed from the burdens of extensive production responsibilities, RoseQ concentrates on and flaunts his flawless performance skills. The EP stands as a testament to his artistry, offering a captivating listening experience that solidifies his position as a noteworthy figure in the landscape of contemporary independent music.


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