May 25, 2024

Ajayi Iyanujesu, known by his stage name IYANEX, emerges as a luminary in the Afro Trap and rap spheres, drawing from his personal tapestry of experiences and emotions to weave a narrative that resonates deeply within the EP “Balon D’ Survival.” His roots trace back to Ibadan, where his formative years transpired before transitioning to the bustling cultural hub of Lagos. This geographical dichotomy imprints itself upon his musical canvas, reflecting in the diverse rhythms and evocative melodies that characterize his work.

Central to IYANEX‘s artistic philosophy is an unwavering dedication to his craft. Breaking away from the confines of traditional record labels, he carves his path, establishing the NLMB (Never Leave My Brothers) record label, emblematic of solidarity and kinship. “Balon D’ Survival” emerges as a magnum opus, a four-track ensemble that serves as a testament to IYANEX musical prowess and emotional depth. Each composition within this opus is a standalone journey, collectively forming a mosaic of his artistic evolution.

The inaugural track, “Sunshine,” stands as a beacon of optimism. Pulsating beats interlace with evocative synths, providing a sonic foundation for a message of upliftment. IYANEX’s vocals, akin to a guiding light, cascade over the rhythm, weaving a narrative of hope and positivity. What makes this track particularly enchanting is the infusion of a child-like voice, echoing messages that resonate with innocence and inspiration, inviting listeners into a realm of unadulterated optimism.

“Brothers in Arm,” a collaborative effort featuring Juglo P, signifies the power of musical camaraderie. Produced by the acclaimed Nigerian music maestro, Maryordee, this track blooms with vibrant harmonies and a rich, kaleidoscopic arrangement. Here, IYANEX encapsulates the essence of solidarity, celebrating the unbreakable bonds shared among peers on the collective journey toward achieving mutual success. The synergy between the artists elevates the composition, exuding a palpable sense of unity and shared purpose.

Amidst the EP’s sonic landscape lies the heartrending “Humanity.” This track serves as a narrative canvas where Iyanex paints IYANEX’s personal odyssey. Seamlessly intertwining Yoruba and English lyrics, he navigates themes of resilience, ambition, and self-discovery against the backdrop of societal reflections. “Humanity” encapsulates the artist’s journey, delving into struggles faced, the quest for identity, and a broader disillusionment with societal challenges. The amalgamation of languages adds a layer of cultural and linguistic depth, inviting listeners into the complexities of his multifaceted identity.

As the EP draws to a close, “Cannot Love You” featuring Nino serves as a poignant denouement. The track unfurls against a backdrop characterized by skittering hi-hats and keyboard-driven melodies, once again showcasing IYANEX’s adaptability and vocal finesse. Nino’s contribution intertwines seamlessly with Iyanex’s supple vocals, creating a dynamic synergy that punctuates the EP’s thematic journey.

Beyond its musical finesse, “Balon D’ Survival” symbolizes an intricate tapestry of emotions, interweaving diverse musical influences—Afro beats, hip-hop, trap, and R&B—into a harmonious narrative. IYANEX’s lyrical prowess transcends individual anecdotes, resonating with broader societal themes, inviting listeners to immerse themselves in the complexities of human experiences.

In this opus, IYANEX not only solidifies his position as a musical virtuoso but also emerges as a maestro storyteller. “Balon D’ Survival” stands as a testament to his ability to evoke profound emotions, craft compelling narratives, and create a musical landscape that transcends conventional boundaries of genre and language.

Each track within this “Balon D’ Survival” serves as a brushstroke on IYANEX’s canvas of artistry, leaving an indelible mark on the sonic landscape and etching his name among the pantheon of upcoming musical visionaries. Through “Balon D’ Survival,” IYANEX not only navigates the ebbs and flows of human emotions but also orchestrates a symphony that resonates as a timeless testament to the human spirit.


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