July 13, 2024

“Room With A View” (feat. Kid Don)(Prod. by 808 Mafia),  is the lead single from the Material Theory debut EP, “Blunt Promises”, set for release in Q4 of 2016. With 10 years of experience in crafting records, dealing with artistic relationships, learning to value losses, and recognizing when to celebrate a win, Material Theory is still under the Freshset Music brand, representing the full embodiment of the duo, eXceL and Kfrxsh’s, respective views of the hip-hop world: unfettered music, fashion, collaborative artistry, and adaptability of the ever evolving culture, culminating in music you can feel, and moments you’ll remember.

Material Theory
Material Theory

Listening to “Room With A View”, it’s so overwhelmingly clear how much more skilled is employed here. And it immediately occurred to me within 8 bars that Material Theory isn’t for black kids, and it isn’t for white kids. Material Theory isn’t Rap music, Hip hop music, or any other little boxed music title…its life music. So just need to let yourself to slip into an ecstasy, and have a conversation with the lyricists.

Material Theory’s picturesquely honest rhymes and penchant for colorful storytelling paired with Purps of 808 Mafia’s skillful mastery of the boards will connected with listeners ranging from the most ardent hip-hop head to the indie rock fan who barely acknowledges rap’s existence.

And while Material Theory has shared the breakup saga that plagues many groups who’ve been around for a decade or more, they seem to have grown stronger for it. The two have managed to evolve and progress naturally over the years while still staying true to the initial idea behind what Material Theory started out being under a different guise.

The flows are silky smooth, while the vocals stay tight and melodic over a chilled beat that sets the mood and tone. Smooth and melodic to the ears, mind and body, this duo here will no doubt soon be capturing attention. Their performances lend a sense of urgency, purpose and energy to the track that is seen throughout. “Room With A View” (feat. Kid Don)(Prod. by 808 Mafia), will appeal to the underground just as much as it will excite the mainstream.

The topic is great and relatable, the lyrics are clever, the hooks are catchy without being cheesy and the beat is fire. Contrary to what some people might believe becoming more popular doesn’t always mean underground heads won’t like you anymore. The key to the door of both worlds is to keep it real – and think that is exactly what Material Theory is doing here.



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