June 20, 2024

Champz is a 27 year old lyricist/songwriter from Long Island NY. “I’m A Bad Man” (Produced By Doug G) is his latest single, of which Champz says:  “I really wanted to showcase my lyrical dominance over this beat, produced by Doug G. I use versatile rhyme schemes and fast paced lyrical artillery to get the point across.”

Champz-COVER“I decided to call this song “I’m A Bad Man” because I want it to draw people in, to show them I really have something and I belong in this industry.”

Champz goes ahead and further explain the evolution of the track: “In this song called “I’m A Bad Man” I really wanted to showcase my lyrical ability and what I can do with my rhyme schemes. I’m a humble person but I am extremely confident when it comes to what I can do with a pen.”

“So this song is pretty much about my alternate ego showing why I should be displayed as one of the top rhymers in the game.”


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