April 16, 2024

Paul Gilbert has been in gospel rap for about 7 years now and he is currently working on a new label called ‘God Gottem Ent.’, which he says has been very successful so far.  “I have been married to my wife Latoya Gilbert for 16 years,” says Paul, “and we are currently working on a new business and traveling, and as God leads us will go for it.”

Paul Gilbert sets the tone with a banging beat by Majestic Soundz and lyrical perfection on his track “Christianity”. You’ll love that his music is clean and straight forward and you never have to question whether you are really listening to a rapper that is a Christian.

paul-gilbert-250Christians are putting some good work out there as far as the rap industry is concerned. Great quality in sound. Paul put in his soul on this track by pointing us to the cross and ensuring people know that Jesus is the one who saved us all.

I would also like to commend Paul for going where most rappers do not dare to go by being transparent and speaking of his temptations, struggles, love life, and failures. Raw honesty and tremendous creativity are two of the most striking aspects of “Christianity”, in which the artist clearly held nothing back.

I really like how Paul Gilbert opens up in this song and really connects with many people. The music is infectious and the lyrics inspiring. From beginning to end you get a picture of what it means to be a Christian with struggles. The whole point of “Christianity” is that we are all in the same boat. Whether a rapper or a high school kid or a middle aged person, everyone struggles with the same issues – forgiveness, lust, faith, guilt, failings and feelings of unworthiness. Everyone also has the ability to access the power of the Atonement to find healing.


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  1. Thats my brother and i love. Him andhim .for turning his life over to god.every since he chose god as his leader.he has been truly blessed him and his wife latoya. We as a family r strong believers of god.with out god we are nothing.keep praising praising him.there r more blessing yet to come love u brother.tenia gilbert.

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