April 23, 2024

Christopher Vincent was born in Philadelphia, PA. He moved at the age of five and grew up in Gaithersburg. Vincent comes from a conservative driven family. One side heavily involved in religion and outreach, and not for profit work and his father’s side heavily engrossed in real estate, real estate investment and politics. He grew up attending private catholic and public school, which he believes is truly indicative of his character today.

christopher-vincent-250A more controlled, and subdued side, and the other side filled with fire, intrigue, and a desire to live and wanting to be more adventurous. Growing up Christopher Vincent took piano, voice, and clarinet lessons however his main passion was always singing. Due to being shy, he never really did anything with his passion for singing, and really kept it to himself and close friends.

Vincent spent majority of his life growing, working for his family and studying real estate and culinary arts. He has created his own catering business, and currently continues to establish a career in the Mortgage Banking industry. His love for music derives from R&B, hip pop, soul, jazz, rock, country, classical, classic rock, and soul.

Christopher Vincent’s vocal influences stem from Ottis Redding, Luther, vandross, Michael Bolton, Pavarotti, to Celine Dion, Whitney, Brandy, and Joe, as well as Jay Z, Notorious BIG.

Christopher Vincent is currently promoting his cover of “Don’t Let Me Down”.

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