May 19, 2024

Once upon a time a baby girl was born. No one loved her nor even bothered to hug her. They never checked on her to see what she was doing or who she was with. Every day and every night she cried & cried & cried. No one listened, heard or opened the door & when she grew just a little bit older, they beat her to the floor. Every day and every night she cried & cried & cried. But had they listened they would have known that all those years, the sobbing was music and she cried diamond tears…

Eye’z began singing and performing at the age of 4 and studied music and piano passionately. Growing up in a musical family Eye’z learned about many different styles of music at a young age, and got her first gig at the tender age of 4. Since then Eye’z has continued to sing, play piano and compose her own original music and was a featured performer in the hit musical the Barbary Coast Revue. Her singles “Dedicated” and “Levitating”… are on sale online via Amazon, iTunes and all major online retailers.

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