June 20, 2024

CAMERON NINO, born November 25, 2003, is an outgoing, friendly and exuberant musician. He plays lead guitar and vocals for Seventh Nova – a Los Angeles based music project. Cameron brings the cool to the stage in his performances.

Cameron Nino
Cameron Nino

A philanthropist and active participant in issues relating to the survival and wellbeing of the human race, Cameron loves to help and engage with organizations that contribute to our enlightenment. Cameron Nino is keenly aware of how our daily habits improve or diminishes the survival of the planet.

Cameron started learning how to play the guitar in 2011. That same year, he wrote his first song – Back in the Day, a song in which he expresses his concerns for the environment, admonishing people to live like back in the day when Dinosaurs roamed the earth. One of the lines in the song reads: “Don’t live black, live green.” In the summer of 2013, Cameron performed an acoustic version of his song to the hook of Crazy Frog.

Working with a team of musicians, Cameron later in October of 2013 performed the song live on stage at the 60th annual International Food Festival and Carnival. Between 2011 and 2013, Cameron Nino learned how to shred. His shredding of Black Sabbath’s Iron Man earned him a standing ovation at the Carnival and Food Festival.

Not only is this young rocker a shredder, he is also the lead vocal for his band – Seventh Nova. With his band, Cameron Nino has performed on several stages. For fun, Cameron Nino produces YouTube content, plays video games, basketball and loves to swim.

Cameron Nino and Seventh Nova is on radio rotation with the track “On The Floor”.




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