April 19, 2024

Deladre is a California based rapper/audio engineer, who recently released his latest single “Blow A Bag”, in collaboration with Kaygw Beats. Most successful artist will tell you that the best songs are the ones that happen immediately and spontaneously. If you work on a song for weeks and months, you’re forcing it. Judging by the easygoing catchiness, “Blow A Bag” sounds like a track that was ignited and set to fire instantly.

Over the course of the track, you won’t find a second of resistance, rebellion, or even any immediately threatening form of attitude. No, Deladre takes an altogether fun and harmless approach to modern rap music. He is essentially why so many kids want to become rappers when they’re young and impressionable: this song is perfect for driving too fast, smoking too much, cutting class and making money.

Here, Deladre doesn’t stray far from what’s comfortable, and “Blow A Bag” is perfectly suitable for Deladre to mix insight, humor, and endearing honesty that fuel his best songs. Contemporary rap’s reliance on the verse-hook-verse model for songwriting, coupled with a deceptively simple instrumental backdrop, also makes it a not-so-distant relative of some of those classic Trap chart-toppers.

You can download “Blow A Bag” directly from ARTISTS UNLIMITED.


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