July 19, 2024

In the industry Tybiaas Bethea goes by the name of BIAS. He grew up in a small town called Dillon in the state of South Carolina but, he is currently living in Greenville, South Carolina. The 26 year old Hip Hop artist grew up without a mom and dad, and was raised by his grandparents. At the time, while trying to maintain a positive mindset, BIAS had to avoid the violent street life that surrounded him in the Riverdale neighborhood. As a teenager, h worked two jobs just to be able to move away from his hometown to have an opportunity at a better life. “Most importantly,” says BIAS, “it was to give me a better opportunity to raise my son and to keep him away from the influences that surrounded my hometown.”

BIAS recently dropped the single “Whatever You Want”. BIAS has a distinct sound and niche that should work well for him in the future. He creates easy, laid back, breezy tracks that listeners can chill and zone out to. His soft rapping and smooth flow is new and refreshing and reminds one of Drake in a way.

And much like Drizzy, he’s bringing us a sweet rap lullaby about women, partying, money and popping bottles. It’s a formula that works well and even more so when the narrator is devoid of the usual gloating presumption that has become an annoying trait in the rap game by now.

In fact BIAS plays it straight, and more than an outright imposition, his lyrics seem to sound like an invitation to the girl, to come and get “Whatever You Want”. Put that way, the song takes on an enchanting and intriguing attitude that will surely attract a host of listeners once they know what they’re getting here.

BIAS is clearly not your clichéd hardcore rapper, and quite possible, having a son, gives him that sensible edge which is missing amongst his contemporaries.

I would almost venture to say, that Tybiaas Bethea is a grown man’s rapper, for the way that he approaches his themes. In an over saturated market, someone who bring new ideas and styles is always a welcome breath of fresh air. And BIAS certainly falls into that category.

Moreover, his wordplay is there, the beat is there, and the choruses are there. You really couldn’t ask for more from a song that is able to easily slip into the mainstream, as much as it is able to hold its own in the underground.

The finger-snapping, synth-bass driven beat will keep you nodding merrily as you hum to the tune. Just stick this into your car on the next ride and turn up the volume. You’ll see what I mean! All-in-all BIAS is a lyricist worthy of praise, and with “Whatever You Want”, he now has a track that is building up his own signature style and I think it is one that a wide variety of hip-hop fans would appreciate.


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