July 23, 2024

MíSiya born Miesah Davis is a female vocalist with R&B roots. Born and raised on the Southside of Chicago to her loving parents and siblings who have always been a part of her growth.  Her father is a band member of an all-male group called ‘Public Announcement’. MíSiya is also a song writer and model for Chi-Brella Entertainment led by manager William J. Harris of Harrismusicmgt. MíSiya has recently dropped her single “Instructions” which is now available on iTunes.

The track boasts a minimal, yet incredible banging production, but the most standout instrument on the song is the vocals of Ms. Miesah Davis. She truly understands how to use her voice as an instrument, a gift that her peers will be studying for years and will still only get an average grade.

What MíSiya may lack in range, if anything at all, she makes up for in technique and nuance. She is an incredibly gifted vocalist, a talent that should be pushed to the forefront, especially when her voice has to compete with any heavy production. The wonderful thing about “Instructions” is that the production and the vocals work in harmony and the listener can appreciate both without sacrificing their ear for one or the other.

On “Instructions” she evokes so purely it should be criminal, as she implores: “Can you follow sexy instructions babe. Can you put sexy together babe…” Her voice goes from soft and melodic to haunting and sensual as she channels her emotions into an excellent product.

She borrows from diverse eras vocally and musically and combines them together to form something that sounds uniquely fresh, classic, and futuristic simultaneously! She gives you sexiness, sultriness, confidence, love, and so much more. All you need to do is follow the “Instructions”.

This track shows off more of MíSiya’s sexy side, but it’s not overdone. It’s actually done quite tastefully; I think the word ‘fuck’ only appears once. The percussive bass line and the harmonies in the song just add such a haunting, chilling vibe to it.

But this is a very rich track, from the vocals, to the lyrics, to the production, it’s just simply remarkable. For some people, it may have to grow on them after a few listens because this is almost like a luxurious gourmet dessert treat that needs to be savored slowly.


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