July 18, 2024

“Be Alright” is a unique collaboration of a close knit group of artists who came together to create a song about a common experience they were having in their lives from their different perspectives. Two of New York City’s hottest producers, RIZR and RealJem provide the instrumentation for rappers, Billey Bristol, ArtOfWarr, and Troy.Atlas, to tell their stories in between the super alluring chorus sang by RIZR.

The music video is a comedic piece that features Justine Strut (Empire) as a clingy girlfriend that is a guest on a dating show similar to “The Dating Game” which was popular in the 1960s through the 1980s that sets her up on three dates which the audience selects who she should date at the end.

Billey was born in Brooklyn on September 22, to parents of Caribbean descent. Billey’s West Indian background has given him the appreciation of many different genres of music and has helped shape the sound of the music he would later begin creating.

His love for writing short stories and motivating others is very present in his songs. His attention to detail and having a great ear for sound, drives him to master his craft. He not only takes his time writing the perfect verse for the track’s melody, he ensures that he brings his audience with him on his journey. His music is inspired by his daily life and can be relatable to his listeners.

Billey understands the need for human connection and his music is a great way to bring people together. He has performed in many “underground” venues and has even taken his talents to major clubs such as Webster Hall. Billey is carving out a lane for himself. From his appearances in short films to writing the script for his own videos, Billey is involved in all facets of being a successful entertainer.

Billey Bristol, ArtOfWarr, Troy.Atlas, RIZR are on radio rotation with the track “Be Alright” produced by RIZR and RealJem.


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