April 18, 2024

Northern Virginia independent hip-hop artist Vizualye, emerged on the music scene in 2014. Following his debut album “Legends & Music” and a mixtape release the following yea,r Vizualye signed with independent label Tate Music Group (currently transitioning under new management). Tracks such as “People’s Choice” and “No Way” helped set the tone for the release of his debut album. Now set to release his upcoming album “The Awakening”, he has in the meantime dropped the singles “Women’s Worth” and “Unbelievable” ft. Warren Young, which is his latest release.

“Unbelievable” is a simple banging Hip-Hop track, but when it gets grooving, it gets really gets grooving and serves as an outlet for energy. Is there anything to say? Vizualye has never dropped one weak track in his career and with this latest single he can keep the streak alive.  

This is still a solid rap record. The larger-than-life production mixed with Vizualye’s charismatic delivery and the shimmering vocal hook by Warren Young make this track well worth the listen.

Most critics will find a variety of reasons to like Vizualye even if it seems as if his flaws may get in the way. Yes, his beats are monolithic, grinding, catchy as hell, and wonderfully produced to fit his authentic original style.

Maybe, perhaps, the appeal is that his songs sound very tight and busy throughout; he does keep it together throughout his releases. Another possibility could be his punch lines, which are so clever and effortlessly to the point that it’s hard not to take notice during any of his releases.

These things are all appeals of Vizualye, but people may neglect to note that one thing that everyone loves about Vizualye is that left of field delivery of his. It rubs against the rhythm, giving it a certain friction, which allows his weaving flow to fit the beat perfectly.

Once again, he continues his agenda on “Unbelievable” ft. Warren Young, and pushes his skills and abilities to new levels – this time with an even more effective catchiness.


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