April 18, 2024

504Cut is an artist from New Orleans who grew up in the St. Bernard Housing Project suffering from poverty, drugs and violence. In 2007 504Cut released his debut album, “Mother Nature”, with OneThang, his fellow label mate at the time. The album sold over 60,000 copies on the black market. Cut has featured on many blogs and magazines, and has worked with artists such Snoop Dogg, Lil Boosie, Teflon, and many more. 504Cut is currently on radio rotation with the track “Hampton’s Life”.

Let’s assume for a moment that you’ve never had the pleasure of listening to 504Cut before. It’s important to note that even though He is “in style” sonically, he isn’t making McDonald’s music. There’s some serious meat on his records. They stick. He’s not sacrificing himself to cater to a fickle audience.

What also makes “Hampton’s Life” special is that throughout the track, listeners will find the rapper totally acting his age with a style and sound that harks back to golden era. 504Cut has elevated himself above the usual urban noise, and says what he wants, how he wants, without giving one damn about what anyone thinks. This sounds very much like an autobiographical song where 504Cut tells us his story.

With this record, it’s more about me doing something that feels good and true to the artist. It also helps that he wasn’t under any pressure from any labels or management teams. It’s clear that there was nobody telling 504Cut what he needed to do on this record.

Hence the track has got a relaxed easy going sing-song style over a smooth soulful beat.  It feels like he wanted to put out some music to represent his life and the generation of hip-hop where he comes from; just to let people know that despite all the hardships and misfortune he is still here, and doing what he loves.

Will this track be the one that puts 504Cut high on the charts? Considering the old school vibe and smooth style that’s probably unlikely in a musical climate that demands misogyny, derogative language and hedonistic characteristics. Having said that I would still consider it to be one of 504Cut’s more solid works to release thus far, and certifies that he is a unique, necessary music figure in the underground game.


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