May 27, 2024

Mrs. X  is a pop singer, songwriter and music producer with a multicultural background. Her ancestors come from Holland, Azerbaijan and the Dominican Republic. She currently lives in Germany. Mrs. X is a very private person, who does not divulge any information about her personal life. Her date of birth and her real name are not officially known.

She never sets foot on a stage without her trademark mask. The artist took her inspiration from “Circus Princess”, a light opera by Emmerich Kalmans, which tells the story of the talented acrobat Mr. X who never reveals his real name. Whenever he appears in public, he wears a mask in order to protect his private life.

Before launching herself into music, Mrs. X received a well-founded musical education. At the same time she also studied law and another course. It was during her University years that she discovered her love for Jazz, which prompted her career as a Jazz singer.

In 2012 she decided to follow her dream and pursue a new direction, known as “Pop à la carte”.

Mrs. X has worked with Sefi Carmel, the award winning London based music producer, on her new album. True to her principles of an international music project, the performer invited artists from the Brazil, Canada, Germany, Great Britain, Jamaica, Italy, Russia and United States to work on the album.

Mrs. X  is on radio rotation with her single “Being Black Being Blue” as well as the Trash Dog Remix of the same title.


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