June 12, 2024

A-Tre ft Imkidkid – “Water Diamonds”

A-Tre was born in Key West, FL but grew up on the gritty west side of Orlando, Florida which has influenced a lot of his music. He got the name A-Tre from a friend while he was freestyling which is pretty much an abbreviation of his full name (Arthur Alexander Adams), and would always be the center of those lunchtime freestyles.

He later joined a team called 3ipleA and they pushed him to take rap even more serious and he has been making tracks and performing with them since. Relocating to San Antonio allowed him to work closer with 3ipleA Team member ImKidKid. In July of 2016 Water Diamonds was released and the conformation that he had a formidable sound was given. He looks forward to making more hits and officially breaking into the music industry as a voice to be noticed and acknowledged.


Imkidkid ft A-Tre  – “Brandnew”

Originally born on Island of St.Thomas US Virgin Islands, ImKidKid was raised on the small island of St.John. In 2006 the group DemOtherBoyz was founded and dropped several tracks from a homemade studio. ImKidKid later moved to Houston at the age of 16 and continued to make music. Relocating again in 2009 to Orlando Florida, KidKid combined with members of the group 3ipleA

A-Tre, Goofball, Speechless & Ak-Heat before becoming a team member in 2010 where they continued to make music.
In October 2013, KidKid moved back to Houston and would drop singles while working a 9-5 collaborating with 3ipleA team members when possible. Today ImKidKid and A-Tre from the 3ipleA Team have been successful with their Water Diamonds single and plan to keep the hits coming with this gained momentum. “Keep It PG for the kids” – ImKidKid


FOLLOW A-Tre & ImKidKid ON Instagram: @theofficialatre @imkidkid OR ON THEIR WEBSITE www.atreaaa.com

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