July 21, 2024

Daily Ites Productions is the Label of up and coming Independent Reggae Producer and Recording Artist Mykal Daley. Born and raised in the U.K. Mykal has always held his Jamaican Heritage in high regard and since a young age has dedicated his work and his music to the positive vibrations that come out of Jamaican people and culture.

His latest Album release “Plant a Seed Riddim” secured him as a bonafide Super-Producer, Not only composing the riddim, recording all the instruments and doing the engineering work, he also managed to secure 7 Artists on the Riddim including Owen “juggler” Knibbs and Chuck Fenda.

If that wasn’t enough Mykal Wrote and recorded his own song on the riddim and single handedly managed the publication of the Album which has seen a few thousand plays on Spotify and the Video for the Single “leaders” by Owen Knibbs feat. Japanese Reggae Artist CJ Joe has seen over 3000 views since it’s release on April 1st.

There is much more to Mykal than meets the eye, Visit www.dailyitesMP.com today and see what else is going on behind this movement.

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