July 18, 2024

“Whine/Hip Roll” is the infectious debut single composed, written, arranged and produced by Michaelangelo Kudo, which takes a huge dose of inspiration from the music of Gyptian, notably his 2010 dancehall classic “Hold Yuh”. The creation of the song felt almost natural to Michaelangelo, who recalls: “I was writing a song to the style of “Hold Yuh” and from there, it was all a blur. I just caught a vibe and just wrote it as it were.” Brighton-based 20 year old Michaelangelo Kudo is a singer-songwriter, composer, arranger and dancer, experimenting with genres such as pop, R&B, dancehall, gospel, Afro-Beats, funk, soul, rock and jazz. He takes obvious influences from artists such as Michael Jackson, Bruno Mars, James Brown, Matou Samuel & Aime Nkanu.

Kudo’s previous album release, entitled “Thoughts Of A Virgin”, really identified who the artist was and presented a complete approach to his breed of nostalgic pop. Kudo was very focused on the type of music he was producing there, and it showed in a very consistent and overall very impactful album.

From the first sampling Kudo sexily salivated all over 80’s pop in a way that felt fresh, funky and completely reflective. His silky smooth vocals and his direct approach made it a very enjoyable album from start to finish.

“Thoughts Of A Virgin” showcased nostalgic pop done with a modern twist so very well that Michaelangelo Kudo could have just stuck to the formula for his new releases to capture fans again. Instead Kudo steps out of his comfort zone and right into the Dancehall genre on his latest single, entitled “Whine”, which is backed up by “Hip Roll”.

The result is yet another track which is juicy and delicious to the ears, exploring both the Dancehall rhythm and the sound of Motown’s high pitched charisma. The verse pulls darker strings until the chorus line bursts in and just explodes all over the place.

Michaelangelo Kudos unforced vocal delivery sooths on the eardrums. “Whine” is exactly how you do an edgy `make love’ song, complete with igniting chorus. So, this is a major step from his debut, as Kudo switches lanes but doesn’t have to search for any new identity, he demonstrates it right out in front for the world to see.

Michaelangelo is a fun, versatile and creative artist. All of those qualities are on display with this recording. This single really gets you going, your body will start doing things that you never thought it would do when you listen to this. Michaelangelo Kudo is simply awesome and you can feel his passion within the song. Just put this thing on, crank it up, and get the party started…and don’t stop until she “Whines”!

“Whine/Hip Roll” is a double A-Side single that is Michaelangelo Kudo’s latest single from his forthcoming album “#KUDOGENERATION” coming out in 2018. The single is currently available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon MP3, Google Play & Tidal.

Lead & Backing Vocals: Michaelangelo Kudo
Written by: Michaelangelo Kudo
Arranged by: Michaelangelo Kudo, Chris Mandiangu & Jack The Vibe
Composed by: Michaelangelo Kudo
Produced by: Michaelangelo Kudo & Chris Mandiangu
Mixing & Mastering by: Jack The Vibe
© 2017 MK15 Productions


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